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Running burns a lot of calories, as well as burning calories by jumping rope or other very intensive sports activities with a lot of impact. When we talk about high impact, we mean that at some point during the exercise, your movement is revolutionized and reaches a practically maximum point. This can lead to lower extremity problems if you are not fully fit.

But all this is necessary? There is no alternative option to lose weight and limit our body in a smoother way?

Clearly there is, it's true that you can't match the amount of calories you burn in a high-intensity, high-impact session, but we can't match what you get physically from one modality to the other.

Of the low-impact exercises, which we will discuss in the article, not all are equally advantageous for fat loss and this is our goal. Determine which low-impact exercises burn the most calories.


Rowing is a hard training with which you can burn many calories, but not only that but you work practically all the muscles of the body and is totally free of impacts, which is what we are interested in.

You can paddle in the water or for more reachable training, use the indoor rowing machine. Whichever one you choose, be careful with the technique you use so as not to hurt your lower back in any special way. Learn the convenient rowing technique from a qualified rowing trainer or personal trainer.


Climbing stairs strengthens and strengthens your legs, improves your cardiovascular health and burns many calories. You can climb the royal stairs or get on the steppers' machine. Whichever option you choose, make sure you put all of your feet on the step and try to push them face down through your heels, like your toes, to make sure you work each and every one of your leg muscles as effectively as possible.


Cycling is an incredible calorie burner, whether you're cycling outdoors or on a stationary bike. Cycling is another great non-impact activity that can help you sustain a high level of health and burn fat. If your bike is properly configured, cycling is partially simple for your joints, even if some people find repetitive pedaling motion can cause knee and hip pain.


Elliptical machines mimic running, but suppress impact in each and every sense, which is a great alternative to the treadmill. The use of the arms and legs at the same time involves training both the upper and lower body, thus causing considerably more movement and calorie burning.


Swimming is a great way to burn many calories, while strengthening each and every one of your body's primary muscles. While you swim you can get in shape without impacting your joints. The water absolutely supports the weight of the body, making it ideal for people recovering from injuries and heavy exercise.


Switching quickly from weight-bearing to weight-bearing exercise is a good way to burn a lot of calories and achieve tremendous total anatomical strength. So if you are interested in both, the training circuit is for you.

By using composite or multi-joint exercises that work a set of muscles, such as squats, strides and shoulder presses, you will support high calorie burning and get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Most gyms offer a version of the circuit training class.

Low-impact exercises can be as effective as high-impact exercises and may even be better for quite a few people, while they tend to be softer on the joints and usually safer. Just because you don't run or jump doesn't mean you can't get in shape. When it comes to exercise, the best option is the one you can do comfortably, which offers the maximum amount of benefits for the least amount of danger.

There's no apology!

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