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The method that will revolutionize the way you run forever: pose running

The method that will revolutionize the way you run forever: pose running
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The Pose procedure was created by the Russian trainer Nicholas Romanov in nineteen seventy, with the aim that the whole planet can run in a perfect way, having the right technique and precise movement. This study is based on scientific studies and analysis of elite athletes, which were studied to create this universal model.

The relevance of Running today absolutely nobody can deny it, it is one of the sports that has grown the most in recent times, becoming integrated into our routine lives. To all this, the research of the brands to create an ideal footwear for this sport has been growing, but even more so, the injuries have not disappeared and many of these are derived from the way we execute the exercise.

If you choose to use and learn this technique so valued by specialists, you will experience a reduction in injuries and at the same time this will allow you to achieve your goals. This procedure is both for a professional runner and for the humblest runner, both must work in this direction.

The keys to the technique:

1 Pose: When movement begins

You will need time to improve this posture, but you will get it! First, one foot will be raised more or less close to the center of the body and at the same time the other foot will provide support to support the balance.

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2 FALL: The generator of motion ( acceleration)

The purpose of the first movement creates the second, producing a fall. Your main goal will be to concentrate on holding your posture without losing stability.

3 PULL: the direction and return to the beginning

You literally have to pull your foot towards the center of gravity (center of the body). The key is synchronization of hands and feet and coordination.

Basics of the method

  • Head: The convenient head pose is without any kind of movement, you must relax and leave it still.
  • Back: You will have to keep your back straight, but be careful to tighten your muscles a lot, you have to be in the right posture more comfortable and relaxed. If your back is tense, it will keep your body from moving freely.
  • Arms: Keep your arms at your side, don’t worry about them moving. Whenever your back and shoulders are relaxed, everything will be fine, it is very normal for your arms to move forward and backward to counteract the movement of your legs, it is normal and should be this way.
  • Hips: Lean face forward, just as if you were going to fall, think about dropping your hips on your toes. This will prevent you from overexerting your stride and will sustain your speed.
  • Feet: You must support your anatomical weight on your toes. Move quickly from one foot to the other to spread the force over the joints, tendons and ligaments.
  • Knees: Keep a slight bend in your knees, this way it will be easier for you to continue with the convenient movement.
  • Legs: Lift your leg backwards, using your hamstrings instead of pushing with your quadriceps. It’ll help you master the fall face forward.
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