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The new life fitness consoles: elevation series discover se

The new life fitness consoles: elevation series discover se
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Life Fitness, the world’s leading brand in innovation and technology applied to fitness equipment, has gone further there again. This time, with a new range of consoles that look more like tablets than consoles. Unbelievable.

The new life fitness consoles: elevation series discover se

These consoles are tablets compatible with different models of exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical Life Fitness. Thanks to these new devices, users can enjoy greater interaction through an Internet connection, in addition to including better and new training options. Let’s explain it in more detail:

At a glance:

Screen Nineteen-inch capacitive LCD touch screen for treadmills, and sixteen-inch for bikes and ellipticals
Swype Technology Yes, I do.
TV Integrated TV, IPTV, NTSC/ATSC/QAM, PAL/SECAM/DVB-T, NTSC/ISDB-T with digital and analog BCAS
Language English, British English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian, Basque.
Metric System mph/kph/rpm and lbs/kg
Compatibility iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android mobile. Video function, playlists, battery charging, iPad support, Bluetooth
eReader Read ePub files
Games Includes solitaire for touch screen play
Internet connection WiFi (ask) and via CAT6 or CAT5e shielded cables
Programmable Go System Exclusive for treadmills: possibility to program running, jogging or walking
Perspectives Workout Landscape Train in unison that you visualize in real time your exercise in customizable landscapes: 400m track, 5km natural road, mountain, zoom..;
User customization Customize the console by starting session and retrieve personal content, routines and custom trainings

Console Features

More interaction and personalization than ever before

The new Life FItness tablet consoles incorporate the LFconnect system that allows you to manage and track the results of the training routines that we continue to confirm that we are meeting the objectives and reaching the goals that we set day after day. It is a system that allows you to store this information in the cloud, being able to count on it at any time and place. All we need is an Internet connection and access via the website or the smartphone application (for IOS and Android).

Thanks to it, users can also predefine their preferred trainings, as well as create adapted routines. In unison, the LFconnect via LFopen allows you to create a personal routine application that works on the machine you want to work on – as long as it’s compatible – at home or in the gym. Life Fitness is the first fitness equipment brand that gives access to open platform products, to give users endless possibilities to create and carry out attractive and, above all, interactive trainings.

New user interface

Discover tablet consoles feature Swype technology and high-definition displays that let the user slide simply and nimbly with the finger between the different screens. Life Fitness has made sailing on treadmill consoles, stationary bikes or elliptical bikes a pleasure. Their HD images, realistic graphics, and clearer, cleaner visualization than ever before make our training sessions not only productive, but also rewarding and enjoyable. In addition to this, all this without losing one of the primordial peculiarities of Life Fitness consoles: their navigability, usability and simple control and handling.

Find out for yourself with the video that Life Fitness is using to promote these consoles

The new life fitness consoles: elevation series discover se

User Login

Discover’s consoles provide a personal identification technology so that users can simply and quickly log on through the LFconnect, thus actively recovering adapted routines, preferences, screen adjustments, etc. Thus, the feeling of comfort increases, in unison with the fact that we feel familiar with the machine, wherever we are training. But what do we need to access our profile as a user? A smartphone, PIN, USB drive or RFID.

Personalized trainings

As we have already mentioned before, we can now recover our personal routines quickly so that our trainings are perfectly adapted to our physical needs. In addition to this, we can also resort to routines of exercises predefined by personal trainers or by the console itself. And we can always and in all circumstances keep track of our progress and evolution, regardless of where the routine comes from. We can also use downloads of applications enabled by the LFopen system. So it’s getting simpler and simpler to make our training go like clockwork!

Compatible with IOS and Android

Elevation Series Discover tablet consoles are compatible with all 2 major smartphone operating systems: Apple IOS (including iPad) and Android. In this way, not only can we recover our adapted routines, but we can also connect our devices to the console and access our personal contents, such as music, videos, applications, ebooks, etc., to accompany, animate and motivate our training sessions, while at the same time charging the battery. As if that weren’t enough, and since we have an Internet connection, while we train we also have the possibility of interacting on social networks.

The new life fitness consoles: elevation series discover se


Television and treadmills, stationary bike or elliptical bike, all in one. Thanks to the technology we can watch TV, series, movies and music videos, in unison that we can enjoy games on our tablet screen. We can also ask for news or e-mail. The options don’t end. We can be as creative as we want!

Workouts Landscape Tours

While we train we can visualize tours through different landscapes of the world, running, walking, cycling… Auckland, Germany, North Island, Trinity Mountains… we become travelers while we conduct our training sessions. The inclination of the slope as well as the resistance of the terrain change as the terrain is chosen for training.

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