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Believing for many years in the advantages of spinning classes, now the New Yorkers come and change it for us.


are generally the first to create, manufacture and continually change ideas, given their level of development, but this time they have outgrown them


creating a new term never before seen, based on the need for people to have fun in their cardio and strength training. It is the rowing centers and their compound exercises for muscle building, increased performance and fat burning, and the finishing touch to the world of fitness


the combination of rowing, yoga, and body weight


that has altered the mentality of the rowing machine, along with safety, effectiveness, and efficiency, that has succeeded in producing an idea that is above other traditional training equipment.


he secret is meridianly the union of the intervals you can do with rowing and strength exercises, while you can use more than eighty percent of your muscles with each stroke. The average training time is about fifty minutes, during which you will be able to burn between four and seven hundred calories. It is without a doubt the new style of getting in shape without impact.

It's essential that you know exactly what the discipline is, as well as the reasons why you should choose rowing as your first choice:

  • Unlike spinning, which would be your closest alternative option, with rowing training you won't be attached to the machine for fifty minutes. Otherwise there will be some work on the machine and others where the intervals will be mixed with the floor exercises of free weights, iron and the appreciated squats.
  • Also, if you are at work all the time in front of a PC, with your bike you will not be able to strengthen your back muscles because of your posture. With rowing, however, this annoying situation will only last a few minutes, until you open your chest to start rowing.
  • Training as comprehensive as these is quite difficult to find, the primary use of the core as a central part of movement and strength creates a total definition of the body, apart from strengthening arms and legs in an incredible way.

If you like the intensity of the training, the challenge and the hard work, you'll be hooked on this nonsense that spreads all over the planet with the nickname of the new Spinning. Here's a video where you can see how the classes at the City Row Club in New York City are going


Rowing classes

have transformed the landscape of exercise in New York City and while you may not be able to live in a city like Manhattan, where this initiative is a success,


can bring it to your city with feelforfit!

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