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If we close our eyes and think of a completely healthy and healthy life, natural foods, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables, quickly flood our psyches. The disadvantage of the planet we live on today is that the meaning of the word natural is so difficult to make real that it sometimes resembles a utopia.

Today we bring you the first website from Spain, which brings us closer and allows us to give a real meaning to that forgotten word and so difficult to locate in the products we consume,?100 percent natural?. Snack Gods, unites the fantastic and extensive planet of snacks with the different ways of life with which we live daily.

For vegans and vegetarians, for those who do not accept lactose, gluten or soy. Those who have decided to eliminate refined sugars and foodstuffs with added sugars from their lives. For all of you, whether you are an athlete, take care of your nutrition or if you are a fan of the PALEO, there is undoubtedly one foodstuff that goes best with you and is totally adapted to your needs. We are sure that no matter how demanding you are, this page will surprise you!

In the case of fitness, foodstuffs and products have a bad reputation and their health is continually being questioned. The big brands try to hide the artificial ingredients with the solid trick of taste, but as we all know, good taste is quite difficult to achieve if something is not completely natural. It is this small detail that has made us choose Snack Gods and consider this page as one of the best options we have to achieve good taste together with high quality and naturalness in each and every one of our products.

We are all aware, and especially those of us who play sports, that some of the most recurrent foods, such as protein bars, do not shine because of their fantastic taste, but because of the opposite. We are used to strong, artificial flavors, with greasy or dry textures, which leave you with a bittersweet sensation in your mouth and which provoke a slight repulsion to a certain extent. For us it has been a change of mentality, to meditate that this is not general and that there is the type of bar that is pleasant and tasty at the same time.

Paleo Crunch, is one of the ranges of enormously protein bars, destined to the aid and reconstruction of many macronutrients that we lose in the moment of making exercise or on the contrary, we need to add to our body some extra energy and in this way to be able to give the maximum of us in the trainings. With at least twenty percent protein in each and every one of them and with the peculiarity of being capable for the Paleo lifestyle, these bars are really good.

It is true and it must be made clear at all times that we always and always buy the flavour of this type of bar with others of its kind, never with snack bars. We tried three different types and we loved them! But in order to be able to classify them better and so that you can get a more real idea of the taste and textures, we are going to develop a scale that goes from 1 to 10 to give you our opinion in detail.

  • Paleo Crunch Raw Chocolate: Its pieces of seeds and almonds are remarkable and tender, this causes them to have a more compact texture in dry unison. When it comes to taste, if you're a chocolate lover, you'll like it because it has an intense taste of raw caco. Both for its taste and its composition, we have scored it with a 6/10.
  • Paleo Crunch Raw Apple/Cinnamon: In our opinion, it has a very interesting taste that can be perceived from the first moment. Its taste of apple is softer and more noticeable and moreover when you continue to taste the flavor of cinnamon you are very surprised in a positive way. We gave it an 8/10 rating.
  • Strawberry Paleo Crunch Raw: Its strawberry flavor is very good for a protein bar, its dates, pea protein, pumpkin seeds and strawberries are some of the ingredients that make this bar an enormously high-protein and flavorful food. Our grade is a 7/10.

On the other hand, if you only want to sweeten certain moments when you feel hungry or try to cope with anxiety, the Primal Pantry line of bars is fully developed for you. Conversely, as with protein bars, the snack bar is usually identified by its good taste and texture, but all this at the expense of what? To introduce sweeteners and supersaturated fats, that what they do is more bad than good and on top of that they label it as fit? If you want to give up all these additives, but get a 100% natural flavor, with as few calories and fat as possible, choose Primal Pantry.

Like the previous one, we proceed to evaluate the five main typologies:

  • Primal Pantry Coconut and Macadamia: With five natural ingredients; cashews, almond oil, coconut, macadamia nuts and dates, it has undoubtedly become our preferred choice. In addition to this it contains only two hundred and twenty-one kcal per bar but combined with practically 4gr of protein and six.2 of fiber, is truly phenomenal its taste and texture therefore we give it a 9/10.
  • Primal Pantry apple and sin: The taste of date is very noticeable in each and every one of the next bars, although each one of them is distinguished by a primordial ingredient. In such a case, the apple is the protagonist and leaves you with a pleasant taste in the mouth, which is why we give it a 7/10.
  • Primal Pantry hazelnut and chocolate: With a very marked chocolate flavor, this bar is identified by its less fatty texture and somewhat more bitter than the rest. If you like the sweet contrast, this is yours. He's got a 6/10 for us.
  • Primal Pantry Brazil nuts and cherries: If you love sweet, this is the sweetest of them all. The date and cherry give this bar a great taste for those moments when you just want to sweeten your mouth. We rate it at 6/10.
  • Primal Pantry almonds and cashews: Its pieces are remarkable in each and every bite, you can distinguish each of them from both almonds and cashew nuts. We give him a 7/10.

They all have exactly the same nutritional values and fluctuate between 200 kcal per bar.

Moving on to other products that are indispensable in the life of a gymnast, but following with proteins, we find their variation in powder. One of the most used and questioned supplements in the world of fitness. Many people attribute the consumption of this flavored powder to long-term health problems. The lack of transparency of its ingredients causes great doubts to its users, especially those who are just starting out. Finding the perfect product in this highly exploited field is quite difficult and much more difficult is to ensure that these ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

With Snack Gods and its organic proteins you have this problem solved. Its Diet Food line contains the best 100 percent organic whey protein from an organic farm of cows grazing on meadows and eating daily boiled instead of feed.

In our case, we have tested its natural flavor variation (Organic Whey Protein), which we believe is ideal for mixing with other foods such as fruits and thus making an exquisite shake with an extra dose of protein. It is ideal as a snack during the day or immediately after exercise.

We're still in the gym and another thing we need to avoid cramps and restore blood pressure during and after exercise is electrolytes. Snack Gods, knowing that the coconut, contains many vitamins and is enormously moisturizing, has decided to offer in a single jar, the concentrate of forty-five fresh coconuts, as a natural alternative option for athletes who need to restore one hundred percent their body.

Coco Hydro Sport Pineapple: With a rating of 8/10, this product gives you the feeling of having an exquisite drink of piña colada, although without that particularity of its sweetness. Therefore, we recommend introducing some kind of sweetener.

To finish and separating ourselves a bit from the sports centres, we go to the kitchens of our houses and to the protein products that we can use in them every day. Chirpy Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha, is made from brown rice protein, which is good for muscles, hair, skin and nails. It also contains cocoa and coffee, the former is rich in antioxidants and coffee will activate your restless system and will improve your physical performance.

For us it has been a novelty, given its strong flavor we have created a Smoothie of milk without lactose, crushed ice and a spoonful of this protein, which has left us delirious! Dare to incorporate it into many other foods or drinks, let yourself be carried away by the imagination and create new dishes.

These are just a few things you can locate, plus Snack Gods' huge range of snacks will make you aware that taking care of yourself wherever you want is considerably simpler than it looks. Being able to count on hundreds and hundreds of groceries with these detailed peculiarities, will make you leave aside products that give you empty calories that you only chose to be exquisite and move to the era of healthy food as well as exquisite.

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