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This Article is intended for those who follow a rigorous diet.

The power of Feedback can help you thrive and give your body a little boost and achieve those goals you want so much, especially if your Leptin levels are low and your metabolism is slow.

Some people have been on a diet for a while and haven't seen any results. Not only that, some readers may have found themselves in the situation of having had an appetite all day long and not losing weight. If you are in this situation it means that you are suffering the consequences of having very low Leptin levels.


Leptin is an integral part of the Cytokine family, it is synthesized eminently by fatty tissue, with a small contribution from skeletal muscles and the brain.

The role that the function of Leptin plays in your body is fundamental, that is because it regulates your appetite, controlling the food you eat and the energy your body spends helping you consume those calories you eat.

When your Leptin levels drop, those cravings for that fantastic food you used to eat when you weren't on a diet increase. So if you experience daytime cravings and the urge to skip the diet, you should know that your body is responding to a psychological signal, not just your head playing hard to get.

Not only will your cravings increase but there will also be a reduction in Leptin levels causing your metabolism to slow down.

If you are over a long period of time on a low calorie diet (low carbohydrate level during your day), your body will slow down your metabolism and it is because you must cope with the activities that are done day after day with a low oxidizer (the die with what you eat beforehand).

In other words, this means minimal or no fat loss, that is not what we want, what we want is to see results and see how our body evolves.

What can I do to increase Leptin levels?

Your goal is to get your Leptin levels up periodically. If your Leptin levels are elevated you will avoid that physical appetite and slow metabolism. To achieve their goal of getting rid of that extra fat, some people will need to increase their Leptin levels and in order for those Leptin levels to increase they will need to a"meal trap" a"meal trap". (Cheat meal) This essentially means eating as much as you want.

Food traps (eating as much as you like) are not the most effective, since Leptin is highly sensitive to glucose. So when you are Feeding Yourself, you will benefit considerably more if the excess calories you take in come from good sources of carbohydrates that will be transformed into glucose. Leptin levels will then increase more than if you eat a surplus of calories from protein, fat or fructose.

Feedback from the user

This depends on each person and is determined by how long you have been on the diet, how intense it is and your anatomical fat level. People who have a low anatomical fat level should feed back more often than those with a higher anatomical fat index. You also need to know that the more extreme your diet is, the more intense your feedback should be.

It is recommended that we do this trap meal every week or two, for example, on Saturday at lunchtime. In addition to this the positive thing about this is not only the physical advantages you will see in the long run, but it will also help you not to sin during your week and continue with your diet.

Basically your feedback will be related to how low your Leptin levels are. The lower your Leptin levels are, the hotter your food should be.

Normally Feeding would consist of increasing your calories by twenty percent to fifty percent more calories than you are used to eating in twelve hours or 1 day. The more calories you take in, the fewer days of feedback you'll need to do. In an extreme case if you have your Leptin levels on the ground you should do a week of Feedback, but having controlled calories, moderating your intake (not like the days when you do only one meal of feedback).

On that day when you do the Feedback food you will have to admit that you gain some fat. But, when you return to your usual diet and at all times your metabolism is going to be accelerated, you start to consume fat, causing you to lose that fat that you want to remove so much. There are still going to be certain individuals who lose weight throughout the feedback process, although this is not the normal case.

On that day when you make your meal in which your calorie intake increases you will be able to eat a small part of the calories of as much as you want (sweets, everything you want) but consider that the rest of the calories of your Feedback meal comes from good sources of nutrition, the good thing about eating what you want is that you will be able to free yourself from each and every one of the cravings you have and not sin during your diet because you know that the day that the Feedback comes you will eat as much as you want.

Hormonal Profile

Another benefit of increasing your Leptin levels is that it will encourage you to have a more positive hormone profile. As soon as a man follows a diet he experiences a decrease in his testosterone levels, which makes it quite difficult to maintain or increase his muscle mass.

When Leptin levels increase your liver glycogen will also increase and as a result your testosterone will increase, as will the developmental hormone which will also increase and decrease the cortisol which is the catabolic hormone. All this will also help you to achieve your goals of losing that remaining fat and you will find yourself in a better situation after having done this meal of Feedback than before.

Leptin Levels in Women

Women should be very careful when dealing with Leptin levels, while they may have trouble with reproductive hormones when Leptin is at a very low level.

The extreme of very low Leptin levels is when the rule is interrupted, experienced by women on the planet of bodybuilding or fitness. This is extremely dangerous because certain women may be at risk for loss of bone mass and density and may be at risk for osteoporosis. So a woman should Feed back on a regular basis so as not to have these inconveniences.

Immune function

Another benefit of Feedback is increased immune function. The longer and more extreme our diet is, the more stressful our body will be and the more likely we are to be at risk for disease.

Without the right calories, the immune system cannot fight off the organisms that want to invade us.

If you're getting sick all the time and don't feel like you're ever healthy, maybe that's a good sign you're missing more calories in front of you every day.

Take it easy on yourself.

One last note in order for the day of your Feedback to be successful, you don't have to increase your intensity of training in the gym, whereas if you increase your intensity of training, the purpose of this meal will lose all its effect.

Psychologically you may be tempted to burn more calories throughout the training, although you should know that doing so will not accomplish our purpose of increasing your calorie intake.

Take it easy and also make sure that each and every one of these extra ingested nutrients gets hooked to your muscles, there they will be stored so that in the future your metabolism will accelerate further.


When you see a radical change in the coming weeks with Feedbacks in your rigorous diet and training routine, you will be convinced that Feedbacks are fearless and totally accurate to achieve your goals.

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