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The series training, ideal for improving your running marks

The series training, ideal for improving your running marks
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The series training, ideal for improving your running marks

It is a demanding training, which should not be abused, which is perfect if it is a question of running gaining speed and power in each and every new test. Include the series in your training and improve your running marks, as we recommend.

Primary benefits of series training

The series are short periods of time in which our organism makes an extra care increasing the demand in the practice of the exercise. The series are part of the training of multiple sports disciplines. If we talk about running, its main objective is to strengthen the musculature of the lower body and also significantly increase the resistance itself.

Especially when preparing a particular test it is interesting to change the pace of the race so that the body becomes accustomed to minutes of exercise that require maximum care. You can do this by increasing the speed for a few minutes, or by increasing the complexity of the race, for example by alternating meters on a flat surface with others on a slope. The 2 methods are based on the series and perform exactly the same function that translates into 4 essential benefits:

The series training, ideal for improving your running marks

  1. Strengthen the legs.
  2. Increase lung capacity by improving endurance.
  3. Accelerate the rate at which the heart pumps blood and delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles involved in the endeavour.
  4. Improve tolerance to the natural increase in lactic acid involved in intense exercise.

How to train series to progress in running marks

The ideal is to do series trainings to surpass your Running marks once or twice a week and never days in a row. Rest and proper restoration are essential to achieve the advantages of this training avoiding injuries and overload in the muscles of your legs. To train series and improve your running marks, you must have a great physical condition, by the fact that the series are an extra, a complement to the general training that helps you improve.

The length of the series depends on the distance you run frequently and the time you spend doing it. According to your race rhythm and the length of the course, you will have to select between short series, from two hundred to five hundred meters at maximum speed and power, and long series, of more than 1 kilometer in which you must go at a higher pace than normal but without reaching your maximum level of competition.

Inter-series breaks are also essential. The restoration times fluctuate between forty-five seconds, for the shortest, and ninety for those series that are one kilometre or more away. In order to prosper your race technique and have your series training improve your marks in race you must take into consideration certain important aspects:

The series training, ideal for improving your running marks

  • Remember to warm up for at least fifteen minutes before starting your series training. Prepare your body for maximum care by running at a gentle pace for a minimum amount of time.
  • Increases the intensity of each series progressively. Your goal is to achieve maximum speed and surpass yourself but you will have to do it little by little. Establish your career plan, for example twelve kilometers with three series of 1 kilometer each. The idea is to try to scratch 1 second per series in order to improve every time you train in this genre. Don’t try to beat your record in the first series training. It will suffice for you to achieve eighty percent of your maximum capacity.
  • It’s important to monitor your heart rate, so training with a heart rate monitor can be really helpful. The pace of your race must go up to reach the maximum speed and power halfway through the course (in the second series of our example).
  • As essential as warming up is doing some final stretching to help your legs recover from the care.

Series training improves running in key aspects such as speed and endurance and is a way to improve day after day by practicing your favorite sport.

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