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The tips you need to lose weight while running

The tips you need to lose weight while running
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The tips you need to lose weight while running

Running is an aerobic activity that involves an essential burning of calories plus the way of running, intensity, time spent, breaks or the combination with other sports, are factors that influence the results you get. If you want to lose weight while running, take a look at these practical tips.

If you are determined to start running as an effective method to remove the excess kilograms, in a few weeks you will feel more diligent and light and probably. you will verify that you begin to lose weight. It is not the same when you practice this activity frequently and continuously. As a general rule, the reason is that as the organism adjusts to a specific physical activity, the calorific expenditure reduces, with which many runners get desperate seeing that they do not manage to lose weight what they would like despite their continuous training.

Running helps to suppress kilos but does not work miracles, so the first advice is related to nutrition. The success of any diet depends on eating fewer calories than we spend. It is something known but it is convenient to remember: no matter how hard you run, if you receive more energy through groceries than you spend, you will not lose weight, all the opposite. Find out more weight loss tips by running below.

All you need to take into consideration to lose weight with running

If your menus are varied and, above all, balanced, running is a great ally to support you in your weight and even to remove piles of fat. To lose weight with running, train with these premises in mind:

The tips you need to lose weight while running

1. Run at least thirty minutes

Aerobic exercises, including running, are genuine “fat burning”, but require a minimum amount of time to be efficient. The organism does not resort to fatty deposits until the moment it needs them. Running fifteen minutes a day will come sensational to hold you in shape more if your goal is to lose weight running, this period of time is totally deficient. An effective plan? Practice running three times a week for forty-five minutes (always and in all circumstances keeping in mind your physical condition).

2. Change the pace of the race

If you want to eliminate kilograms while running, the secret is to combine different rhythms so that the body does not become accustomed to a stable situation that requires a uniform calorific expenditure. Change your stride and gears. Whether you want to walk or run to lose weight, you can start with a gentle pace and short steps, follow with a light trot, return to the gentle pace and finish with a good sprint.

3. In plurality is the secret

Not only is it a question of changing the rhythms, but also of alternating different routes, prolonging or shortening the time of the race or extending the distance, these are disturbances that are ideal for “catching our organism off guard” and demanding extra care and calorific expenditure.

4. High Intensity Intervals

Incorporating them into your training is undoubtedly the most effective way to lose weight running. Demanding the maximum over a short period of time is the ideal formula to burn calories while running and continue doing once the activity is over. High intensity interval exercise boosts basal metabolism and causes you to continue burning calories hours after training. Propose, at the end of your career, to do two more minutes “to find”, then rest, your body will continue working for a while.

The tips you need to lose weight while running

5. Break the routine

Add new elements to your career: try running with weights, a hard slope climb, explosive exercises (jumps, knee lifts, heels to the buttocks, etc.) so you’ll lose weight while running.

6. Includes other aerobic activities

Combining running with other aerobic sports, that is, opting for cross-training for runners, with other activities such as cycling or swimming is really effective for removing kilograms. You can practice them on alternate days and, if you prefer to do them in unison, let the race be the last activity included in that combined training.

7. Remember the importance of rest

Not by running daily for hours will you be closer to your goal. 2 ? 3 days a week is enough. Your muscles need to recover to train with more energy in the next session. Getting exhausted (or falling into an injury) early is not the best idea.

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