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The worst weight loss fitness tip of all time.

The worst weight loss fitness tip of all time.
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Go out on the street and also ride a bike.

The worst weight loss fitness tip of all time.

Every little one who is always overweight has been recommended to go running, spend the afternoon with the bike or play football. These young people think that by exercising, without worrying about their diet, they lose weight.

The whole planet offers us well-intentioned, but by no means complete fitness advice. Now we have five old tips we should stop listening to:

1. To lose weight, exercise

That’s not true. This is what the bad commercial agents and trainers are trying to sell us. The only way to lose weight, as we have already mentioned in other entries, is to burn more calories than consumed. I mean, exercise is great, but it’s not the only point on the road to losing weight.

Studies from Hunter College have found that a clerk sitting in his office cubicle all day and a collector from Tanzania, the energy costs are very similar. In other words, if you spend the day sitting or hunting, the calories burned are exactly the same. Therefore, obesity is not caused by inactivity, excess calories are.

THE TRUTH: If you want to lose weight, the key is to eat healthy food and also try to eat as few calories as possible. According to the Obesity gazette, people who lose weight together get better results, so if you have a partner you no longer have an excuse to lose weight!

Without suffering there is no glory

Come on! One more round! You can do it! Hit it! We have all heard these and other words of encouragement in weight rooms, spinning sessions or other exercise sessions. Many squeal for the last exercise in a series, for assistance, and as a test of willpower. Since always and in all circumstances we have combined pain with gain and we have discarded the trainings that do not leave our body suffering in maximum agony.

According to Dr. Michael Otto, author of many books on weight loss, he advises an exercise that does not cause us pain. If we do training is to feel better, both in health and mood. So a training pain is less likely to repeat itself.

THE TRUTH: Moderate exercise over forty minutes, four or five times a week, is all that is needed to reap the benefits of exercise. Walking, dancing, swimming, playing soccer or basketball count as moderate exercises.

3. Long, thin muscles can be built up

Many purchasers of dumbbell sets purchase the product in the hope of having a long, thin arm. But with dumbbells and any free weight, what you get is a big, big arm.

The worst weight loss fitness tip of all time.

According to Shane Doll, “all resistance training and weight lifting is going to make us big and big. Doll believes that each and every company that sells the means to get long, thin muscles is bullshit because it’s impossible to do so. If this were true, Pilates performers would look like one of the four fabulous ones.

THE TRUTH: In both Pilates and arm flexions, the adaptation of muscle tissue does not change. Muscle building only occurs in intense training coupled with proteins and/or other supplements.

To achieve the toned look of a swimmer, Doll advises a plurality of endurance exercises, ending in fast circuits, creating short explotes of high intensity of care. A short series of eight to twenty high intensity reiterations would last thirty seconds with thirty seconds of rest. This, of course, every time we can’t swim.

4. Take a lot of carbohydrates to give more!

More than one of us has had enough of eating pasta before a good session of cardiovascular exercise.

According to Nancy Clark, author of the Sports Nutrition Guide, carbohydrate loading is not recommended if you don’t go exercising for more than 90 minutes the day after.

The TRUTH: To prepare for a huge sporting event, the best strategy is to continue eating exactly the same healthy diet. A good dish is one made up of 2/3 cereals, vegetables or fruit, and 1/3 protein.

5. The best time to train is in the morning or at night.

I have friends who promise to get better benefits by exercising in the morning as you increase your energy and hold yourself at a great pace until the evening. Others affirm that at night, the calories consumed throughout the day are burned and it is simpler to fall asleep due to fatigue.

Who’s right?

According to Doll, there’s not much advantage in training at night or in the morning if you want to lose weight. What we must focus on is hard work, sufficient rest and a congruent diet.

The worst weight loss fitness tip of all time.

THE TRUTH: The best time to exercise is when it fits our schedule. There are studies that have proven that the better the time of day the training is done, the better the benefits, but the results are very subtle.

We recommend:

1. To avoid the training of interval and high intensity of night, since with this training chemical processes are generated in the brain that is going to make the conciliation of the dream more difficult, altering the rhythms of dream.

2. The best time for weight training is when maximum care can be taken.

3. Avoid exercising a little after a meal. If you train in the morning, it is advisable to eat a piece of fruit or foodstuffs that provide small amounts of protein.

Now you know what to keep in mind

If you eat and do a training based on advice received a long time ago and you don’t even remember where you came from, question it.

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