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New to the gym? If you've decided to start going to the gym, the exercise room has some new, ready-made equipment waiting for you to get the most out of them. Get acquainted with the best machines for beginners in the gymnasium that we present to you now.

Some of them impose, but you will see that after a few weeks, you will get them and they will help you achieve your goals. Ask the monitors and trainers about the different possibilities that free equipment has in your gym and don't hesitate to try the ideal machines to start training. Just by testing you will know which one you are most comfortable with and which one can give you the best results. There are plenty of machines and models, but we've chosen the six best teams for those who start out in the gym - read on to find out more!

Aerobic training equipment at the gym

Cardiovascular exercises have to be part of your first sessions at the gym. With them you will begin your tune-up and start working hard to achieve your goals. Among the machines to start your aerobic training you can choose:

Treadmill treadmill

Want to start running on a treadmill? The initial step will be to start with an easy routine limited to walking exclusively. The treadmill is one of the easiest treadmills to use, ideal for beginners, as it will let you start walking/running at your own pace and also increase it as you progress. The treadmill is one of the machines that burns more calories, so it is effective from the first session. Little by little, you will discover its options (changes of pace, slope race, intervals?) but at the beginning, run in it at a smooth pace at least twenty minutes.


One of the best machines for beginners because it will let you do an intense exercise without your joints suffering the impact of running. In addition to this, the elliptical trainer is ideal to get started in the gym because you not only do an intense aerobic exercise but also work on strengthening the muscles of your legs, arms and core.

Exercise Bicycle

Want to train on the exercise bike? If hitting the pedals is your thing and you want to start training in the gym, the exercise bike offers you the possibility to do it at your own pace and in a safe way. It is one of the best machines to get started in the gym especially if your goal is to gain strength in the lower extremities. It is present in any gymnasium and can be adapted to each and every level. To begin with, twenty minutes at a gentle pace is more than enough.

Apparatus to start training strength in the gym

Developing the strength and potency of your own muscles is possible with your work and with the help of free equipment in any fitness and bodybuilding room. Firm and toned muscles take time, so for the first few days, take it easy and use certain gym machines that are more suitable for beginners, among others:


Do you know all the advantages of training with pulleys? A pulley system is, undoubtedly, the best option to start training strength in the gym because it will allow you to perform a multitude of varied exercises minimizing the danger of possible injuries resulting from inexperience. The pulleys are ideal to start with the bodybuilding work, providing you with a complete training in which the level of complexity you establish... As a tip, it is preferable to work with the pulleys without extra weight at the beginning (everything will arrive).

Leg Presses

Buttocks like rocks and ultra-strong legs is what you'll achieve by making this simple to use machine hard. Start by choosing the tilted leg press to progressively delimit the buttocks and legs and practice throughout the first weightless sessions.

Breast Contraction Machine

Want to strengthen your pecs? It is one of the most popular and most popular of the gym because its use involves an intense work of the pectoral muscles and, to a lesser extent, also of those that give shape to the arms. It is one of the best machines for your first sessions in the gym, since you can open your chest with it in an easy and efficient way.

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