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If you want a firm buttocks, with just the right volume and without any trace of extra fat or flaccidity, you have concrete exercises to achieve your goal to start in the gym, but to get better results and in less time, these machines to work buttocks in the gym, are a great help.

They do not work miracles, but with them it is possible to focus our efforts on this area of our body that has so many lucid passions. The buttocks, really, are a muscular group made up of 3 muscles: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus inferiorus. Having a well-contoured"pompis" and"in its place" depends on the development and good tonicity of this set of muscles that very often remain apart in training.

The machines for working the buttocks in the gym are designed so that you can do the precise exercises that allow you to contract and stretch them at a great pace and also so that other muscles can be involved, such as the hamstrings and femoral muscles that follow, which directly affect the unbeatable union of the buttocks and make them look great.

The most effective gym equipment for gluteal delimitation

Simply walking at a great pace is already a great exercise for our buttocks, but if you want to work them hard, design a routine that involves certain devices for buttocks that you will find in your gym:

Leg presses

It is the most effective machine when it comes to delimiting the buttocks and legs, because with it you do a movement similar to squats, undoubtedly, the best exercise to achieve a firm and powerful buttocks. With the press, you push a certain weight with your legs and manage to mobilize the whole muscular set that gives shape to the buttocks. With the leg press, with the bench inclined at 45º and with the back well supported, you can move the convenient weight safely, without any danger of injury, making it ideal for your buttocks to work hard and get results in a few weeks.


The pulley is a very versatile machine and can also be very effective in buttock work. Hold it to your ankles and optionally do leg extensions face back. Actually, you are performing hip lifts that directly impact the gluteus maximus and cause it to contract in an obvious way. The resistance of the pulley doubles the efficiency of this exercise, ideal for strengthening the buttocks as a whole.

Step machine or?climber?

It imitates the movement you make when you go up the stairs, developing a very complete cardiovascular exercise. Not only is it going to help you burn a lot of calories, but it's going to get your buttocks working at an incessant pace and with great intensity.

Femoral machine

Lying on your stomach and placing the weight under your cufflinks, you will need to pull your legs to try to lift it. That is the secret of this machine to strengthen the buttocks in the gym because when you do this strength exercise you not only work the following femoral muscles, but also get the intense contraction of the lower buttocks, toning it in such a way that it contributes to the"push up" effect that is so difficult to achieve.


Also the best options to work your buttocks in the gym and get, in addition to this, an unbeatable physical shape. The elliptical train has a high calorific expenditure and with it you exercise both the lower and the upper train. This high-paced, strenuous walking movement strengthens the legs and constantly contracts the muscles of the buttocks. To enjoy all the advantages of doing the elliptical, spend a few minutes of your training on the elliptical, moving forward at different speeds and establishing a high resistance in the machine, this way you will have some buttocks that you will be able to boast about.

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