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Swimming is a complete and intense aerobic sport, with low impact due to the water's buffering action. Swimming can burn a lot of calories. Take note of these swimming exercises that will help you lose weight without even realizing it.

Swimming training is a great way to remove fat, strengthen your muscles and feel fit. Arms, legs, and logs? regulating the movements so that your muscles work together in the water is the secret of this sport that can be practiced by anyone molded its intensity to their own physical condition.

Swimming involves cardiovascular exercise that increases lung capacity, strength and endurance. If you want to lose weight by swimming, combine different styles, alternate different stroking rhythms and also intersperse some exercise to make training more enjoyable. Obviously control your breathing to the limit and respect the rest times.

Swimming weight loss training routines

One hour of swimming can involve a calorific expenditure that reaches or exceeds four hundred calories. It all depends on the way you swim and the care and intensity you apply in each of the sessions. If your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way and eliminate certain kilograms by swimming, try one of these 3 training proposals:

  • Swim two hundred meters

Adapt first to the water environment by swimming a few strokes, stretching or even running in the water and lifting your knees underwater. Then, the routine begins with swimming fifty meters at a gentle pace. Rest only a few seconds and do 2 long (fifty meters + fifty meters) at your back. Finally, go through the last fifty metres in an intense crawl, always and in all circumstances in your possibilities. Swim for a few minutes in the breaststroke to recover. This last high intensity crawl interval will keep your body burning calories once out of the water and make you lose weight by swimming. If you are in good shape, you can repeat the routine a second time.

  • Swim a quarter of a mile

Warm up for a few minutes in freestyle and start with a 100-meter crawl at a gentle intensity. Rest fifteen seconds and do another one hundred to side breaststroke, that is, moving forward at the same time face forward and diagonally. Rest again, always and at all times, trying to control your breathing and keep on doing fifty meters on your back and fifty meters on your butterfly (if it costs you too much, do one hundred only on your back). Recover and finish the routine with the last hundred meters at medium intensity crawl.

  • Swim four hundred meters with progressive intensity

Once prepared, do the first two series of fifty meters each with a fast crawl, resting fifteen seconds between them. Go for the next hundred meters, this time doing a series with fifty meters crawl and fifty meters back. Get some rest. The third one hundred meters touch, but now it's going to be fifty to crawl and fifty to breaststroke. Finally, in the last hundred years he has combined the four swimming styles (crawl, back, breaststroke and butterfly), twenty-five metres each and at a medium pace, resting ten seconds between them. You will lose weight by swimming and you will get an enviable physical form.

More tricks to lose more weight with swimming

In order for your goal of slimming down by swimming to be achieved, you must practice this sport at least a couple of times a week, always and in all circumstances respecting the necessary days of restoration and rest. Don't hesitate to ask a personal swimming instructor or qualified instructor to assist you in losing weight by swimming progressively:

  • When you swim try to maintain a rhythm and intensity that you find comfortable, so you can always and at any time increase it, at any given moment, to make a HIT interval in your training.
  • It is essential that your heart rate does not exceed sixty percent - eighty percent of your total capacity (always and in all circumstances depending on your physical condition).
  • Finally, remember to rest a few seconds between long series or not too long so that the exercise achieves the desired purpose of eliminating fat.

Losing weight by swimming is easy and healthy, so you know, glasses, swimsuit and water!

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