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If you are determined to get started in the gym and have already started your gym routines, that's perfect! But, you have to know that many are those who soon tire and give up to appreciate immediate results. Don't forget that you are going to train in the gym because you want to, because it is a time that you dedicate to yourself, to take care of yourself, to improve yourself and to feel good.

Even so, it is not uncommon to feel moments of weakness when you feel like leaving the gym. To demand this small care to continue requires willpower and, above all, motivation so as not to leave the gym prematurely.

How not to forsake? Five tips for not quitting the gym

Even if you start your sports activity full of good pretensions and with an irrepressible impetus, it is very normal that in a given moment the discouragement arrives and you find apologies such as: cold, heat, stiffness or lack of time. Put aside your apologies for not going to the gym and learn the next strategy so you don't leave the gym early and regret it:

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1. A part of good advice

If you are just starting out, it is essential that a personal trainer or monitor tell you which exercise routine is right for you, taking into account your physical characteristics and preferences. Too much activity, repetitions that you find tiring or simply a specific sport that doesn't suit you, can make you give up your initiative and miss out on a lot of satisfaction.

2. Be clear about a goal

Undoubtedly, having a motivation to go to the gym to test any discouragement is one of the keys to achieving perseverance. Visualize what you want: better overall fitness, fat removal, weight loss, increased muscle development, firm, rounded buttocks, a strong, steel-like torso and abs? Simply go for this reason! When your strength is weak, remember your objective.

Achievable goals

Neither too much nor too little, that's the secret to staying in the gym and gaining perseverance in training. Select routines according to your physical level and surpass yourself day after day. The exercise, in order to be advantageous, must always and at all times be progressive. Just like in home training, it's no use doing 100 sit-ups the first day and not being able to move on to the next. These hard training sessions are gonna make you quit. Take it a little at a time. Your little accomplishments are going to be your best incentive to keep going. It doesn't hurt to keep track of your progress.

After the first few weeks, when discouragement lurks, review your grades and see how you've improved your level, so you'll be delighted and more excited than ever to continue improving.

4. Have a good time

No one goes to a place they don't like for too long and this is just another one of our tips for staying at the gym. Sign up for a sports centre that offers a variety of alternative options and choose a group class. You'll probably have to try multiple disciplines until I find your ideal training plan. Gym machines that will help you lose weight or for specific exercises, weights, spinning, steps, treadmills?

If you are not sure what is more appealing to you, combine cardio exercises with others that provide muscle definition, greater endurance or elasticity. Go with an open mind and discover new options. With this attitude, it's going to take many months before you find it hard or listless to go to the gym.

5. Attention to small details

It all adds up when it comes to encouraging you to go to the gym and not quit after a while. Choose one that catches you well in each and every sense. If you have setbacks due to distance or limited time, you will probably leave it once the initial joy has passed. Also, if you don't find the motivation to train alone, take advantage of it to meet new people who, like you, have a set of values like healthy living and personal care.

Getting into the habit of going to the gym takes some more time is a very rewarding practice that will make you feel good not only physically, but also increase your self-esteem. If you've taken the initial step to going to the gym and not quitting soon after, don't give up the first time, go on! Your body and your psyche will thank you.

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