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This is what you should eat on your way to the gym.

This is what you should eat on your way to the gym.
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This is what you should eat on your way to the gym.

Not always and in all circumstances we pay the attention we should, but following a good diet is one of the keys to get considerably more out of our training in the gym. While each and every meal is equally essential, today we’re going to focus on one of the aspects that most doubt athletes, what to eat before training at the gym. As you will understand, each and every one of the groceries is not worth even before going to the gym, it is convenient to be very careful choosing the ones that will bring us the fastest energy.

But before you start chatting about groceries, it’s a good idea to remember that you should never train on an empty stomach, even if you go to the gym first thing in the morning. It is necessary to practice sport after eating food that covers our energy needs throughout the training. But regardless of the time you do sport and the type of sport you do, we should eat at least an hour before we start training to avoid gastrointestinal inconvenience. So, you don’t have to eat on the way to the gym, but rather before.

Foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins

Carbohydrates provide us with the necessary glycogen and energy for our muscles, delaying the onset of fatigue and improving performance. Skinless fruit, low-fiber cereals or bread are quickly assimilated, making digestion easier. Carbohydrates should be twenty-five percent of what we eat, the remaining twenty-five percent is for proteins that assist us in absorbing carbohydrates. Skimmed youghourt, either alone or with oat flakes, cheese, eggs and protein bars are the best examples and should not be missing on your shopping list every week.

This is what you should eat on your way to the gym.

If proteins have a higher presence than carbohydrates, you will suffer an energy deficit, and although the body will pull stacked fats to produce energy, your performance will suffer. Although fats are not your best ally in your diet to start going to the gym, always and in all circumstances you can accompany the bread with a little extra virgin olive oil, which gives us good fats. The boiled egg -if possible without yema- will also provide us with proteins, amino acids and vitamin C.

How about some nuts and dried fruit before you train?

One of the superfoods we can already take before training are nuts, especially walnuts, which provide us with an endless amount of energy. However, it is necessary to walk carefully with them for the fact that the calorific contribution of nuts is quite high with what we are going to take them with measure. Walnuts give us everything we have seen in the previous point: carbohydrates, proteins and a small amount of healthy fats that we can also take advantage of when training.

Water and, if you prefer, coffee

In addition to what you should eat before going to the gym, you should also pay attention to hydration. You shouldn’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, either before going to the gym or during training; you should drink half a litre before you start training. You can also drink coffee before training, which will strengthen your performance and reduce muscle pain – it’s not an urban legend story, the effects are real. Still in this way, the side effects of coffee -anxiety, headache, etc.- must be taken into consideration and taken in moderation.

This is what you should eat on your way to the gym.

Before training always and in all circumstances we will eat small amounts of food. Foods with a high fat content or foodstuffs in large quantities – heavy meals – should be eaten three or four hours before exercising. After that time, the body will have done the digestion and process the groceries. Even before training, we have to eat small quantities, small snacks with which we will quickly cover our energy needs. The energy bars have an endless number of sugars and fats, so avoid them whenever you can.

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