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This is what you should never do while running a marathon.

This is what you should never do while running a marathon.
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If there is any sport that is currently in trend is running. It is not that it is something new, nor that going out to run is an invention of this century, but what is certain is that day by day it has more adepts. And it is not for less, since running has an endless number of benefits to each and every one of the levels, as much aesthetic, as physical and sensitive. That is why, little by little, more and more people are proposing the possibility of running a marathon. However, there are certain things you should avoid when running a marathon. Discover them, now.

This is what you should never do while running a marathon.

4 things you shouldn’t do when running a marathon

One of the benefits of running is that it poses many challenges to the runner, and overcoming them is a satisfaction that adds to the well-being that endorphin release brings us. At the end of a race we feel satisfied and well, and with a high that is difficult to achieve in other fields. But the desire can also lead us to make mistakes, so if you run a marathon, it will be better to have some advice.

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It is essential to prepare well for a race of this magnitude, just as it will be essential to recover effectively. But there is a key moment in which we cannot fail, and that is the right moment to run the marathon. There are circumstances such as nerves or the desire, which can play a trick on us. That’s why today we’re giving you some guidelines on what you shouldn’t do when running a marathon.

1. Don’t underestimate the marathon

On many occasions, people who practice sport frequently run a marathon confident that it is a mere formality. It is an exercise that they plan to do if they barely comb their hair and this can be expensive for them. If this is your case and you will run a marathon, remember that there are certain factors that you will have to take into consideration.

This is what you should never do while running a marathon.

It may be a moderate effort, but it is a long race and you never know if a pull or a cramp throughout the race can play a bad trick, so we invite you to, if you run a marathon, start by having the respect it deserves, or you can get the shot in the butt.

2. Start at full throttle

A marathon is a long race, and that’s why we must keep as much strength as we can. If we are too motivated it is possible that we start too fast and run out of strength afterwards. It is essential that we keep in mind that the beginning of the race is the most essential, and that compensating your sacrifices is the best thing you can do.

Start slowly and go up the tempo little by little. Keep in mind that if you go all the way, you may not be able to finish the race. That’s why, if you don’t share the effort and find the right rhythm, it’s possible that the marathon will come out a frog.

This is what you should never do while running a marathon.

3. The stops

Whoever runs knows that to run is to suffer, or to habituate your body to do so. Exercise makes us fatigued, it is nothing new, but stopping is not an alternative. If every time something cost us we stopped we could not achieve any challenge. And running a marathon for the first time is a challenge in every respect.

This is not to say that we do not leave the race if we are injured or if we are on the verge of fatigue. But it is essential that we do everything possible to not stop even if you are very tired. If you manage to continue, you will have all the adrenaline you need to reach the finish line.

4. Don’t abuse drinks

Although this prayer may seem like a chat about alcohol, the truth is that we are referring to energy drinks. It is true that hydration is essential to get fast energy even before training and to take from time to time throughout the marathon is going to be most appropriate. However, we must be careful, because if we go too far we can occupy our bladder, and the feeling of running in these circumstances is going to be most annoying.

We also recommend that you read our manual carefully to recover from a tough race, such as the marathon. In addition to this, it is essential that you continue a training suitable to your physical condition and you consult your doubts with a professional trainer.

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