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There are no shortcuts or prodigious formulas. To eliminate the remaining kilograms without putting one's own health at risk depends on achieving a balance between a suitable diet, which provides us with the necessary nutrients, and an extra energy expenditure that we achieve with the practice of the most appropriate exercises.

If you're determined to lose weight, losing weight through sport and eating healthy is the best way to do it. If you join a"Spartan" diet, which is too restrictive, or if you go for intensive and excessive training for your physical condition, it will only bring you bad consequences. We must remember that eliminating kilograms must always and under all circumstances be a progressive process. In addition to this, including sport as an activity in your daily routine and continuing a balanced diet should become frequent practices and not just something unusual for specific moments when you want to lose weight.

How do you combine diet and exercise to lose weight?

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Theoretically, it's easy. It's about spending more calories than you take in, more to do it in a healthy way, losing weight and gaining in health and wellness, there are some tips that can really help you. Remember that diet and weight-loss exercise are the perfect tandem. If you do, you'll be fit, you'll feel good and you'll also be able to show off an enviable figure that doesn't have excess kilograms. Keep in mind.

  1. Frequent exercise requires a proper diet. Any athlete knows this and if you want to lose weight without risking your health remember that you should eat everything in the right proportions without skipping any meals. If you go running in the mornings, great! But have a good breakfast first.
  2. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Don't give up any of the 3 big grocery sets because they're all accurate. If your physical activity is focused on aerobic exercises, you need foods rich in carbohydrates of slow absorption, including cereals, because they will give you the energy you need as your body demands. If you also work your muscles to gain tone and avoid flaccidity, the protein from lean meats, eggs or vegetables cannot be missing in your diet.
  3. Bet on a very varied diet that provides you with maximum diversity of nutrients and makes five meals a day. Remember that if you do sports, it is preferable to eat more times more in moderate amounts than binge eating!
  4. It's not a matter of getting confused by counting calories, but it's also important to know how many you can get rid of in each and every one of your training sessions. This makes it easier to achieve the best balance between diet and weight loss and toning exercises. If you know, to give you an example, that this great way of cycling at a great pace has meant the burning of four hundred klc. you are going to be able to leave yourself some small"culinary whim" without your slimming plan being disturbed.
  5. Change sports and practice them at different intensities. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, combine aerobic and strength activities. Going out one morning for a run and spending another morning working in the gym gives better results than focusing on sports.
  6. Remember that fruits and vegetables must be a basic pillar in your nutrition. These foods are the least fattening and the most vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  7. Finally, don't forget how essential hydration is when the goal is to lose weight through sport and healthy eating. Water helps to remove fats and toxins and is essential to recover mineral salts that can be lost during intense physical activity.

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