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Christmas can take its toll on our bodies and, being aware of this, we can solve it even before the inconvenience arises. Exercise is essential to regain the best form after the abundant meals of the Christmas season, but it is not always and in all circumstances indispensable to attend the gym with a routine designed to be performed in one of these centers, as many people believe.

Exercise can also be done at home or on the street, and for this it is possible to have the best application to practice sports at home on your mobile phone, whether you use an android phone or an iPhone. Ictiva is one of these applications to progress our physical tone at home, showing an endless number of exercise sessions and according to the level of the user.

The key to getting in shape after Christmas is to be aware by January that we have to get in shape, as this way we will be earning fifty percent of the process. From there we can now meditate more on an exercise table to do the training at home, how much we want our exercise sessions to last and how much we are going to demand and exactly in what time frame.

Cardiovascular Exercise Essential After Christmas

If what we're thinking about is losing those extra pounds that we've gained from overdoing our Christmas meals, it's best to get some exercise. That is, cardio routines that cause the heart to pump more blood and spend the calories that have piled up in our body especially throughout the month of December.

What exactly are these exercises? Most people, especially in recent times, have chosen running. Running out into the street, at a relentless pace and overcoming obstacles while marking the time achieved, is one of the most frequent activities after Christmas.

However, cycling is another of the most common options. The article-Christmas stamp of cycling is very common in practically any family at this time of year, and if you want to lose weight is one of the most advisable options. It is also possible to do this at home, by means of a stationary bike, while we keep ourselves entertained by watching a television program that we like.

But what most people either ignore or don't give it much relevance is to jump rope. This simple exercise helps to burn many calories and in a very short time, since it only consists of jumping constantly and non-stop, even while watching an entertaining program as in the case of the exercise bike. In addition to this, it can also be done at home.

How do we supervise the exercises we do to get in shape?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the use of applications to assist us with exercise, and even to affirm which ones we should do, is fundamental and useful to keep track of our physical routine. The Ictiva application emerges in this way as an online gymnasium on our mobile phone, thanks to the way we can do the exercises we would do in a center, but this time in our home.

This application offers yoga, pilates, crossfit, aerobics and other sessions, along with abdominal routines and fitness exercises to strengthen any part of our body. Ictiva offers a free service for more than fifty sessions, including eight hundred videos distinguished between time periods, from five to forty minutes even per video.

On the other hand, this application also helps with eating plans made by specialists in the field, with the sole purpose of assisting each user to lose weight or strengthen their body.

Diets are a precise care after Christmas.

If we want to lose weight after January, we must not only exercise, but also get back to getting our bodies used to eating healthier and less. The big meals of the Christmas season are over and our stomachs must go back down, otherwise they just need more food each time.

However, quite a few people consider that regimens pass off an appetite. But only far from reality, since it is possible to get fed up with healthy eating. That is, it's about eating the healthier things we get used to on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. It is also true that it is easy to eat less than in those days, since they are days in which we traditionally eat a lot.

Getting in shape since January is easier than you think. All it takes is integrity, commitment and perseverance to achieve your goals, without resorting to bizarre diets and complementing your meals with exercise routines that are appropriate for your level.

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