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The bending are a kind of exercise that helps us to strengthen the body in an almost totalitarian way. It is a static exercise and is covered in the training known as"Calisthenics", that is, it helps you to strengthen your body without using only your weight.

In this article we want to give you the best tips to prepare warm-ups for push-ups while, just like any other type of exercise, when you start doing sit-ups or push-ups, you need to loosen up your muscles to avoid injury.

How to warm up before you do push-ups

Warming up is a practice that you should always do in all circumstances before you start training. This is an easy and gentle routine that aims to activate your muscles and be ready for the exercise you are about to perform.

Although it may seem to you that push-ups are not an exercise genre that requires warm-ups, it is. It is a very intense exercise that helps us to strengthen the whole body almost completely and, therefore, it is essential that we warm it up to avoid any injury or a muscle or joint failure.

Here are some of the best warm-up exercises for doing push-ups:

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Warm your wrists even before you do push-ups.

Push-ups (or push-ups) are a type of exercise where there is a lot of pressure on the wrists and therefore it is advisable to warm them up before training. Ideally, 30 seconds should be spent on each one to make sure you are exercising safely and healthily.

To warm up your wrists properly for push-ups, you'll simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Move both dolls in unison by drawing circles in the air.
  2. You have to move them facing the inside and outside so that they warm up completely.
  3. Change the direction of movement so that the entire joint is in perfect condition.

2. Warming up the arms to do push-ups

Another of the extremities that we will use along the realization of the push-ups are going to be the arms and, for that reason, it is also very advisable that the warm ones. There are a number of exercises designed to prepare your arms before you do your push-ups, but here is one of them:

  1. Raise your arm face up and bend your elbow
  2. Put your elbow next to your head.
  3. With the opposite hand, press the elbow so that the muscle is stretched to the maximum.
  4. Hold on in this situation for twenty seconds.
  5. Now, switch arms and do exactly the same exercise

This exercise is very easy to do and will help you get your muscles ready to support the weight of your push-ups.

3. Steps to warm up your shoulders for push-ups

When we do push-ups, the shoulders are also going to be very involved in the movement of the body since they support a large part of our weight. Therefore, it is also an area that we must warm up before doing push-ups to ensure that they are in perfect condition.

One of the best exercises to warm up your shoulders even before you do push-ups is the following:

  1. Stand up and put your hands together on the back of your back, next to your butt.
  2. In this situation, move your shoulders back and, when you reach the limit, stay for ten seconds.
  3. Now, you're going to move your shoulders forward, and when you reach the limit, you're also going to have to endure ten seconds.

4. Warming up the neck to avoid pain after flexion

It is also highly advisable to choose to heat the neck and cervical area because it also withstands enormous stress. For this reason, in the same way as the sit-up warm-up, you should do an exercise uniquely designed to work this area and avoid overloading it. One of the best exercises to warm your neck even before you do push-ups is the one shown below:

  1. Stand on the mat with your back straight.
  2. Now, move your expensive neck to your right and hold it for ten seconds.
  3. Take it now to the left for another ten seconds.
  4. Now, move it face down and wait ten seconds too
  5. And finally, take it face up and let it stretch ten more seconds.

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