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Running is becoming more and more common when it comes to exercise. The abundant benefits - both physical and psychological - that you achieve when you start running have made this sport a fashion that is attracting more and more people to physical exercise.

Running is not just about putting on a running shoe and going for a run in the street. Besides the perfect preparation (training plan, equipment...), you must select the mode in which you are going to dive. There are variations when running outdoors such as trail running.

Trail running is the practice of running in a freer and more open environment to nature. And although it offers you benefits such as breathing cleaner air or enjoying a natural environment, it can be more inconvenient than traditional running. Find out how to take advantage of the variation of danger of running and enjoy trail running to the limit.

How to avoid the dangers of Trail Running?

To make the activity totally enjoyable and advantageous for your body, you need to follow a series of practical tips. Learn how to avoid the dangers of trail running and also get started in the training of this sport.

Pay attention

When you practice trail running, your five senses must be activated. When running in the mountains, the terrain is absolutely unstable and unpredictable, so even if you are exhausted, you must be on your feet at all times. Keeping you alarmed and controlling your environment is essential for this activity.

Use a good technique

Mountain running is not exactly the same as running on a treadmill or on asphalt. On the trail you must lift your feet and try to keep your step light. It's worth taking short, easy steps that can't lead to an incident.

You are provided with food and water

You can predict how long you will be on the mountain, but you can't calculate it perfectly. The fact that you are exercising in the middle of nature is not going to let you resort to some kind of resource with simplicity either. That's why, apart from providing you with a sports backpack, you'll have to introduce the food and drink necessary to avoid inconveniences such as dehydration.

Study the place

Before you begin your journey it is essential that you establish a path and a plan for what your physical work will be. This will reduce your chances of being in trouble throughout your rolls. It will also be advisable to carry a map with you in case you need to use it at any time.

Runs in company

The fact that the mountain is unpredictable and full of possible dangers makes it safer to do it in pairs or groups. Even though running in company it is convenient to carry your mobile phone with you and also to inform other people of what your plan will be and where you are going to move. Something essential in the event of an emergency.

Use bright colors

This should be taken into consideration especially during the hunting season. And although these acts must be done in private areas, you can find yourself with this kind of practice. The fact of dressing in bright and shiny colors will make you not be missed by anyone and can recognize you at all times.

Now you know a series of tips to avoid some of the risks of trail running. Keep these recommendations in mind as long as you're going for a run in the mountains and enjoy the limits of the activity by reducing incidents.

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