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The fitball ball is one of the most effective and simple fitness materials for chiselling sexy abs. With this blog post we are going to teach you five basic exercises so that you can incorporate into your training routines, and with them you will take a step more expensive the defined abdomen that you would like to have. But even before we start, we do a brief review of some basic notions and recommendations to take into consideration, so let's get to it!

Fitball Ball Size
Fitball balls usually come in sizes between fifty and five cm and sixty-five cm. if you are under the average height (about 1.60m for women), it is convenient to choose an even smaller model of fitball. Likewise, if you are above average: there is also a larger size. This will ensure that you are doing the exercise with the right technique.

Fitball air pressure
The more inflated the ball is, the more unstable it is going to be and, therefore, the harder you are going to work the core and abs.

Watch your back! Watch your back!
Exercising your core and abs is great for a good, strong upper body, but that doesn't mean you can't be in any danger. If you feel pain in any of these movements, adjust the technique to make your abs work even harder. If the pain persists, stop and try again after you have rested properly. Back pain is always and always a warning that we cannot ignore!

1. Cross-overs

3-five sets of fifteen-twenty repeats on each side

This type of abdominal exercise is ideal for working on the abdominal and oblique muscles. It consists of sitting on the ball and moving your butt forward a few inches. Tilt your body back, until your lower back is resting on the ball.


back must be in a slightly hyperextended situation and, in any case, without feeling any kind of pain

; place

your hands on your temples, while your feet are resting on the ground at a distance of shoulder width, with your knees bent at an angle of almost 90º. The exercise is carried out with the right elbow facing the left knee, turning the torso along the entire abdominal movement. Then go back to the initial situation and repeat by moving sideways. And so on and so forth.

2. Hip elevation

3-five sets of fifteen-twenty repetitions

With this exercise we work on the buttocks and also on the hamstrings, in unison that balances the abdominal movements. Lying on the floor on his back, he puts the soles of his feet on the fitball. Bend your knees 90° and rest your arms on the floor, at your sides. Lift your hips up to a straight line from your shoulders to your knees

, and

then squeeze your buttocks to the top, holding for a few seconds. Return to the initial situation, staying a few inches off the ground and repeat. Try to hold the ball with the soles of your feet at all times.

3. Supermans

3-five sets of fifteen-twenty repeats on each side

Supermans exercises work on the firmness of the core and balance the entire body. To do this, lie down on the fitball field, with your belly fully supported, supporting your balance with your right hand and left foot.

Press the

ball inwards with your stomach under pressure to hold it in the right position



your head in a neutral position and your spine horizontal online. Lift your left arm and right leg off the floor until you form a perfect horizontal line with your whole body. She can withstand the situation for a few seconds, and then goes back to earth to molt her hand and foot. Repeat now to the contrary.

4. Stroke and twist

3-five sets of fifteen-twenty repeats on each side

The aim of this exercise is to work on the core and the obliques, as well as to strengthen the buttocks, the hamstrings and the back. Sit on the ball and face forward until the shoulder blades are resting on the ball. Raise your hips face up so that your body is horizontal, from your head to your knees

, and raise

both arms straight up in line, with your hands pointed upwards. Stretch the right arm even further, turning the torso and taking off the right side of the back of the fitball, and shifting all the weight on the left shoulder that continues to be in contact with the ball. Turn the center face again and repeat face the other side.

5. Pedestrian Pedestrian Strolling

3-five sets of ten-fifteen repetitions

This is a variation of the iron that also serves to strengthen the upper body. Lie face down on the fitball, with your fingers on the floor. Move forward facing so that the ball rolls on your thighs. The closer the ball gets to your feet, the harder it becomes to exercise

, so

get as far as you can, always holding your posture in all circumstances. If your hips or back sink, losing the straight line of your body, you've gone too far.

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