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Train with your idols with movistar likes

Train with your idols with movistar likes
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Can you imagine cycling with Alejandro Valverde and Nairo Quintana? Or sharing training with Rafa Nadal himself? And with Llull, Rody Felipe, Doncic and company? Since well, that is what Movistar Likes offers us, the portal of exclusive experiences for clients of the Movistar service with which we can enjoy a day of training with our idols, whatever the sport they are; experiences that go beyond sport and let us go to shows of all kinds.

Train with your idols with movistar likes

Training with elite athletes

Sports stars are considerably closer to us, and not just because Movistar TV brings them home. With Movistar Likes we can participate in clinics next to R. Madrid basketball, train with the triathlete and Premio Princesa de Asturias Javier Gómez Noya, the athlete Chema Martínez, Rafa Nadal, the legendary history of kitesurf Gisela Pulido, the runners of the Movistar Team or with the bicampeón of the snowboard planet Lucas Eguibar. And all thanks to Movistar Likes.

To achieve these first level sports experiences you just have to go to the Movistar Likes page and choose the one that interests you the most. It is enough to answer the question that appears – don’t worry, it’s very simple -, add your contact information and wait for luck to smile on you in the draw for the experience. And sometimes you don’t even need to answer the question, it’s going to be enough if fortune accompanies you in the draw and you’ll be able to discover what the daily life of an elite athlete is like.

Train with your idols with movistar likes

Winter is approaching, and with it the snowy season. Skiing and snowboarding lovers are sure to take the equipment out of the wardrobe and wait for the first snowfall; and to make things a little easier in Movistar Likes they raffle forfaits for each and every one of the ski resorts of Aramón and Sierra Nevada, some passes to enjoy the snow to those who join experiences next to Lucas Eguibar and Reginio Hernández, the couple who today is runner-up of the planet’s field through teams.

Experience sport in the front row

More than enjoying a training with elite athletes that allows us to broaden our knowledge of the sport we like the most, Movistar Likes offers us the possibility to feel the sport from the front row. And sometimes it’s textual, thanks to the sofas next to the Movistar Estudiantes bench when schoolchildren play their ACB games at home. Movistar Likes also takes us to the matches of R. Madrid, the Spanish national football team or Movistar Inter futsal.

Another possibility is to experience an enormous prize of the motorcycling world championship directly, or to continue a stage next to the Movistar Cycling Team. Training at the limit level, live sport… and the possibility of participating in the most essential competitions of the eSports. This discipline does not stop growing and adding followers around the planet, and in the medium term could be Olympic, and from Movistar Likes offer us the best promotions to compete in a sport on the rise.

Train with your idols with movistar likes

Movistar Likes sport alén

But not everything is sport, and with Movistar Likes we can also live experiences that go beyond this discipline and that will let us disconnect from physical exercise. Among the most notable are singular visits to the Prado, the Reina Sofía or the Guggenheim in Bilbao, tickets to the Liceu or the Teatro Real, VIP passes to the San Sebastián Film Festival, tickets to the Warner Park, cooking workshops with Ferran Adrià, meetings with the protagonists of the series of the moment… all for being a Movistar user.

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