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Are you a woman and want to have a toned body without losing your femininity? We have good news! Lifting weights will not make your body big, but will give your body the desired shape. Women do not have exactly the same hormones and anatomical requirements to build larger and larger muscles as men. So a convenient meal plan and this girl training will help you get in shape.

Going to the gym is the first step to getting in shape. And while you may not believe in weights now, after two weeks of using them, you'll feel more confident, see amazing results and enjoy the process - ready? here's a training plan for a toned, strong body!

Weight training and cardio training

The main reasons why a woman starts training are: to strengthen her body, to get a better butt and to lose fat from her belly. Throughout this weight training, we will emphasize these areas, but we will also work on other essential muscle sets. Remember: every part of your body has to be worked on if you want to look balanced and reap all the benefits of strength training.

Cardio is essential for thriving oxygen delivery to the muscles. Also, with cardio, you will lose fat and thus achieve a slimmer and more toned appearance. For any form of cardio, be sure to start at a slower speed, and increase your speed every two minutes until you reach the desired level of care. To make it easier, you will now find the level of care required on specific days of the training routine:

  • At a level of care of 6/10, you should be breathing solidly, more deeply, and be able to talk a full sentence with little difficulty.
  • At a level of care of 8/10, you should be breathing heavily, and only be able to say certain short words with difficulty.

Remember to cool down afterwards, slowing down every two minutes until you are sufficiently relaxed. Keep in mind that the warm-up and cool-down times count as both total cardio.

Here's a five-day a week training plan:

  • 5 days of weight training
  • 1 of these days includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • 1 of these days includes LISS (Low Intensity Steady State Cardio)
  • 2 days rest

Train with moderate and heavy weights to tone up

People often use the word toning to say that they want to increase muscle mass but not too much. These people think that by doing many repetitions they will achieve a toned body. However, having a toned body really means you have strong muscles with a low percentage of anatomical fat. This way, you can lift weight with short periods of rest; in this way you will be able to delimit your muscles and it will help you burn fat more effectively.

Do eight to twelve repetitions

If you want to get in shape, you must work your muscles effectively. To do this, the ideal number of repetitions for girls is eight to 12. This is the best range of reiterations to get your muscles tightened.

The number of repetitions may increase in those exercises that do not require auxiliary weight, while requiring less care (although not for this reason they are less efficient).

When heating, less weight should be used. The goal of a warm-up is to get your muscles and joints active and used to the movement you're going to do with increased weight to reduce the risk of injury.

You must fight to reach the recommended range of reiterations. If you feel it's too simple or, on the contrary, too difficult, adjust your weight. Make sure you execute each move as it should, making it complete.

Rest between each series

To strengthen the body, rest between the series. The rest will be 30 seconds, and 1 minute between the second and third series.

Routine training for girls

The training plan for girls that we propose is five days a week. This routine will help to achieve the desired results.

Monday: legs and buttocks

Warm-up - weightless squats: two sets x 15/20 repetitions

Squats with a weight bar: four sets x 8/12 repetitions

Deceased Romanian weight with bar: four sets x 8/12 repetitions

Buttock Bridge: Four sets x 15/20 repetitions

Buttock kick: four sets x 15/20 repetitions (each leg)

Tuesday: Top wood

Heating - Bench Press: two sets x 15/20 repetitions

Bench Press: four sets x 8/12 repetitions

Push ups: four sets x 8/12 repetitions. If you prefer, you can rest your knees on the floor.

Stretch pulley face down: four sets x 12/15 repetitions

Cable Rowing: Four Series x 12/15 Repetitions

Wednesday: Core + LISS Cardio

Warm-up - crunch type abs: two sets x ten repetitions

Elevation of legs in the Roman chair : four series x 10/15 repetitions

Oblique leg elevation in the Roman chair: four sets x 10/15 repetitions (each side)

Cardio LISS - Treadmill / Spinning bike: 6/10ths of a mile over 20/30 minutes

Thursday: legs and buttocks

Warm-up - Deceased weight with stiff leg bar: two sets x 15/20 repetitions

Deceased weight with stiff leg bar: four sets x 15/20 repetitions

Buttock Bridge: Four sets x 15/20 repetitions

Reverse stride: four sets x 8/12 repetitions (each leg)

Foot heel lifts: four sets x 12/15 repetitions

Friday: Upper Log + cardio HIIT

Warm-up - Shoulder bar press: two sets x 15/20 repetitions

Shoulder press with foot bar: four series x 12/15 repetitions

Dumbbell elevation on the side: four sets x 12/15 repetitions

Bicep curl with bar: four sets x 12/15 repetitions

Triceps with descent: four sets x 12/15 repetitions

Cardio HIIT - Treadmill / Bicycle : level of care 8/10 (twenty seconds working and forty seconds restoration)

Follow this routine and you will see your body begin to take on the desired shape!

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