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Trx exercises to gain strength

Trx exercises to gain strength
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In case you don’t know yet the exercises with TRX are training in suspension where the hands or the feet are held in the TRX while the other part of the body is supported on the ground. In this way, the whole body can be trained, gaining strength, mobility and flexibility.

Trx exercises to gain strength

Rear strides

Catch with the hands to the TRX and with the arms absolutely stretched out, it takes the right knee face down. The left leg should be at a 45° angle when lowering and right flexions. Make ten reiterations with each leg.

Squats with oars

With exactly the same initial situation as before, with your arms outstretched you should make an angle of 30º. I mean, half a V with your body and the TRX. Leaning your weight on your arms do a squat and when returning to the initial situation, face forward doing a flexion with your arms. Do 15 repetitions.

Suspension strides

This exercise is like the back stride but on the contrary, instead of holding hands, we hold our feet. Put one foot on the TRX and take a stride holding the balance without catching anything. For a better stability put your hands on the waist or stretched in the shape of an angel. Remember that your other leg must be at a 45º angle when you go down. Make ten reiterations with each leg.

Trx exercises to gain strength

Hip lifts

Lie on the floor and hold on to the TRX with your feet. From here, raise your hip face up. Keep in mind having a good breath for less fatigue. Make ten reiterations.

Mountain Climbers

On your knees and with your feet on the TRX, use force with your arms to stabilize horizontally. For this exercise it is essential that you do not drop your hip, or let it rise, but always and at all times must be blocked. Once with the good situation you have to bend one leg and then the other without stopping. As if you were climbing endless stairs. Make 20 reiterations.

One-leg squats

First, start with your arms outstretched and at an angle of 30º as before but this time have a raised foot. Do a squat with the other leg straight ahead. Remember to hold your arms outstretched. Make ten reiterations with each leg.

Abdominals with Curl of biceps

Lie on the floor with your legs bent and your arms outstretched. Once this way, make force with your arms to go up until you get the TRX with your body. Make fifteen reiterations.

Trx exercises to gain strength

Pica flexion

Place your feet on the TRX supporting your legs in an inverted V shape. Once here, do push-ups with your arms. Do ten push-ups.

Suspension iron with openings

Put yourself in exactly the same initial situation as with the mountain climber exercise. Face down, feet in suspension and arms outstretched. Lift your knees off the floor (plancha) and keep your legs slightly apart. Open and close your legs holding your body apart. Make 20 reiterations.

Breast Press

For this exercise you must turn your back on the TRX and hold onto it with your hands. With the body you should make an angle of 30º and have arms and legs absolutely stretched. In this situation, lean forward with your arms and when you reach the height of the TRX with your body, turn back face doing a flexion. Do ten repetitions.

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