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If you play sports frequently, you're probably well aware of how important nutrition is to your physical performance. Eating everything, in a balanced way and in the appropriate proportions is essential for your health and to be able to give your best in each and every new test, so, it is not too much, pay attention to certain tips to progress your diet as an athlete.

Why should you monitor your diet for exercise?

Eat well to maintain a healthy weight and to have the extra energy that any intense physical activity requires. That is the purpose of an athlete's diet that provides each and every one of the nutrients that the body needs. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre, good fats? If its balanced presence in the different menus depends to a large extent on the fact that we feel good and have strength, vitality and endurance capacity when we start exercising.

The relationship between diet and sport is clear. The calories that an athlete ingests must cover the energy needs that his activity demands and the different foodstuffs must provide each and every one of the macro and micronutrients that contribute to his or her unbeatable physical preparation. We all know the theory, but in practice, how can we improve the diet of an athlete?

Effective Tips for Advancing Athlete Nutrition

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In order for the diet to work at all times, you must take into consideration your individual needs and the type of physical activity you do. Whether you want to combine diet and exercise to lose weight as well as to strengthen, you must know that there are a number of premises that should predominate in your nutrition plan, so that your diet is your best ally at the time of training. Follow these tips to get the right diet for athletes.

? Don't exclude food

Unless your personal trainer or dietitian tells you otherwise, you should eat anything, as a rich and varied diet is essential for sports practice. Everything your body needs is in the groceries. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean meats, fish? In them are the different sets of nutrients you need. A diet that is too restrictive and long-lasting will lead to nutritional deficiencies that can take their toll on your health and also on your ability to practice sports in a satisfactory manner.

? Make 5 meals

The proper distribution of the different foods is key if you want to improve your diet as an athlete. Don't skip any meals thinking you'll train better on an empty stomach and be uniquely careful about what you eat before and after training. A light snack, which gives you energy even before the exercise and another after, which contributes to the restoration, is always and in all circumstances recommended.

? Super food

Include superfoods frequently on your menus. Red fruits, broccoli, avocado, walnuts, oily fish, chia, quinoa? They are only some that are considered super edible because of their properties and their exceptional nutritional contribution, so keep them in mind!

? Supplements and complements

Energy bars, protein shakes? They are an alternative to take into consideration when progressing your diet for the sport. They do not work"miracles", but can be a great help to get extra energy at a given moment or to promote the restoration of muscle fibers after intense strength training. Well used and better with previous advice, they can be extremely useful.

? Hydration

Juices, infusions, chocolate milk and, of course, water. A good intake of liquids in your diet is essential to maintain adequate hydration, essential in sport.

? Don't eliminate fat

Your body also needs them, but always and in all circumstances in a moderate way and choosing healthy fats such as those provided by olive oil or fish (omega three).

? Calorie control

If you exercise frequently, a proper diet will always and under all circumstances support your ideal weight. It's all about numbers: calories ingested ? calories expended. Calculate your calories, keep your balance and your sports diet will be perfect.

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