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Viking Method: A New Discipline of Viking Training

Viking Method: A New Discipline of Viking Training
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Often the language of training is derived in fear and intimidation; those who are training feel as if they are in a war with their psyche, body and spirit. Professionals insist that this hyperbole is marching and that it is in unison motivating. Among these specialists is Svavava Sigbertsdottir, who is in favour of exercises that collide with your metabolism by means of the force of the fight.

Viking Method: A New Discipline of Viking Training

This is a functional training procedure, in which the cardio-energetic alternates with static movements, from thirty to forty-five seconds each movement. One of the bases is the use of exercises of fast fibers of the fast muscle and not slow, so that in the movements more energy is used and therefore more lactic acid is generated to revive the metabolism. Thus the body burns fat, since it knows it needs the muscle to continue.

The philosophy of the procedure makes it clear that motivation must come from oneself and never give up. Behind this leimotiv, there is the denial of the follow-up of the process through photographs, if not they are in favor of a good follow-up should be measured performance.

What makes the Viking procedure truly different is that it is not trained to impress, although in the same way it will be achieved, but it is not the bottom line. The calorie count does not exist continuously, but the essential thing is to arrive at a suitable balance and above all putting the best comburent in the body. It is trained to gain power, agility, internal and external strength, for mental and physical confidence.

Viking Method: A New Discipline of Viking Training

The procedure apparently activates the good hormones and deactivates the bad ones. What’s the meaning of this? He explains it with an unknown rule, don’t eat a banana before training: “A banana is the worst thing you can eat before training. She plays a lot with hormones to maximize muscle growth and insists that you don’t take sugar or carbohydrates ninety minutes before training. “You can eat protein or fat for that…” (at least something!)

The Procedure is entertaining. By having fun you will appreciate a change in yourself, you will focus on your performance, setting goals such as ending the push-ups with a jump or crawl for thirty seconds, after finishing entire sessions you will be filled with pride and you will feel strong to do whatever you want. It’s going to be quite difficult but it can’t stop you, it’s going to become addictive, you’ll love every second of the procedure, but above all you’ll like the immense results it’s going to give you at each and every level.


Viking Method: A New Discipline of Viking Training

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