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Volava bike. the best spinning bike for home

Volava bike. the best spinning bike for home
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Lack of time is one of the reasons enough people stop exercising. But what would you say if we told you that technology is on your side so that you incorporate sport into your routine? This is the proposal of Volava, which presents the best bike for home


Volava bike. the best spinning bike for home


innovative termThe

aim of the company is that you can do your own cycling training from home. For this it is based on one that has been developed. The company has created a recording research that complements the bike. This centre, located in Barna, runs on a pay-per-use procedure, where twenty bikes can be found. In case you have yours, you’re already going to pay an annual subscription.



these classes will be recorded, and then you will be able to access them from the screen you will find on your bike. An active and attractive way to promote sport at home, don’t you think

? An

interactive applicationWe’

ll take you home to explain how the interactive screen you’ll find on your bike works. In this one you will have a library of classes, and you can select between multiple peculiarities. For example, you have the possibility to choose the musical style, a certain instructor or even the duration of the class. Once

you begin to continue the class, the instructor will take care of pointing out the resistance and speed of pedaling.

It is

essential to emphasize that you can also continue the classes from your mobile phone or your tablet by downloading the application

. compete

with others and with yourself As

you can see, this is a very interactive way to practice sport, but what if we add a little bit of emotion? It’s simple, because you can compete with other people and even with yourself. This is achieved because on the screen you can see data about how other users follow the class.



Volava bike. the best spinning bike for home

worry if you’re not a competitive person, since you can always and at all times decide which data you want to be seen and which not.



‘re looking for the best quality-cost home bike, keep reading Volava’s specifications


We have already told you about its interactive screen, but the truth is that the peculiarities of the bike itself are up to the task.



other hand, its Hutchinson belt drive is quiet and its “V-lock” adjustment system


safety and comfort. The bike also has top quality SFK bearings and a double pedal system.


bike weighs a total of sixty kilograms and its dimensions are one hundred and sixty cm long, one hundred and thirty-five cm high and fifty-six cm wide.


you can see, the lack of time is no longer an excuse to leave sport behind. Now, thanks to Volava’s best home bike, you can cycle comfortably from home. A great way to start your muscles and cardiovascular system to the sound of music, do you feel up to it?

Volava bike. the best spinning bike for home

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