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Any time is good for sports, but running first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to start the day with extra energy. Get your equipment ready at night, get rid of your wandering when you wake up and take advantage of the benefits of running in the morning that we point out to you.

After a precise eight hours of sleep and rest, the body is ready to start up and face the new day with its full potential. It is a matter of habit, but there are many runners and trainers who claim that exercising in the morning brings multiple physical and psychological benefits.

It is worth getting up early in the morning to have the time you need to enjoy sports activities and, of course, a good breakfast to give us the energy we need to practice sports. Having running as a routine every morning will let you train with your muscles rested and ready to give your best.

What are the primary benefits of running first thing in the morning?

It may be a little hard to get your body into shape at first to run in the morning, but once you get into this healthy habit, it will be quite difficult to start the day without doing it. Among the advantages of running early are the following:

  • There are no excuses. Get up, put on your slippers and go out. It's a matter of proposing and not leaving it for later. Sometimes, coming home after a long day and proposing to run can be more lazy than running first thing in the morning. I'm sure that more than one day you had planned to run in the afternoon and finally you couldn't do it due to a lack of time or an unforeseeable event. If you want to be relentless in your training and locate the motivation to go for a run, make sport your first activity of the day. Remember, in addition to this, that most events and competitions are held in the mornings. If you are used to participating in them, your training time should be at the beginning of the day.
  • Muscles at maximum performance. A good warm-up and a race at the right pace are all your muscles need for a perfect workout that will leave you in good shape for the rest of the day.
  • Burn calories and get rid of toxins. Running in the morning will get your whole body moving, helping to"wake up" your cardiovascular system as well. On the other hand, thirty or forty minutes of an aerobic activity such as running means that your body will start to pull out its fat reserves early on, helping to burn calories and promoting the elimination of liquids and toxins piled up throughout the night.
  • Better mood. To each and every one of the physical benefits of running in the morning, we must add the fact that by exercising you release endorphins, the so-called"bliss hormones". His presence will make you not only feel good, full of energy and positivism, but also better humoured.

How do you include running in your morning routine?

As you can see, there are many benefits to running first thing in the morning. If you are determined to do so, remember to consider a few tips for a morning run. To give you an example, it is essential to eat breakfast conveniently. Many runners take a light snack before they start training to get enough energy. After the race, a good shower and a more complete breakfast, with plenty of dairy products and cereals to restore carbohydrates, is an ideal plan to face the day in the best possible way.

In addition to watching your diet before and after running, remember that if you get up early to run, it is essential to leave all your equipment ready the night before. This way it will cost you less to get going.

Starting the day by running and leaving behind any hint of overwhelm, you will be able to face each and every one of the situations that await you, feeling good, with confidence in yourself and even with a smile.

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