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We teach you how to use the magic Pilates ring

We teach you how to use the magic Pilates ring
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It is an accessory to start doing Pilates so basic that you will be surprised with an efficiency that you do not expect. Whether you start in this discipline, as if you already have a remarkable level, learn to use the magic ring of Pilates and discover everything he can do for you.

We teach you how to use the magic Pilates ring

The Magic Circle, invented by Joseph Pilates himself, is a really witty instrument, which serves to achieve greater intensity in many of the exercises that can be part of your Pilates routine.

It consists of a ring made of semi-flexible rubber and a size of about thirty-five – forty cm. in diameter (although you have them in multiple measures). It has 2 handles, one on each side, so that you can catch it easily and that it does not slip or fall with excessive speed. If you learn how to take advantage of the Pilates hoop, it will surely be a part of one of your classes.

How to use the magic Pilates ring

The aim of this easy instrument is to vary the exercises and incorporate a little more complexity. You will be able to work on different parts of the body in a more intense way. The magic Pilates ring is conceived so that you must increase your care in each and every exercise because of the added complexity of holding it at all times with your hands or feet.

We teach you how to use the magic Pilates ring

It should be noted that, although it is a factor inherent to the Pilates discipline, it is effective in any training based on isometric exercises, those in which you work from your anatomical weight. When you are going to use it, remember that the hoop will assist you in toning the muscles by demanding extra work to certain muscles such as those of the arms, legs, abdominals or abductors.

Keep in mind, besides this, that any work with the magic Pilates ring, involves supervising the proper posture of the spine and pelvis, so that, even before launching to do the different exercises, make sure to hold it conveniently in order to favor the balance of your whole body. Whether you want to lose weight doing Pilates as and if you prefer to strengthen, some tricks to use well the magic ring of Pilates are:

  • The ring will always and at all times exert pressure on it and that pressure must be concentrated at the height of the handles. Getting it right is the initial step to taking advantage of its benefits.
  • You can use it to push, that is, to try to close the circle by overcoming its resistance, or to expand, which would imply just the opposite effect, to try to “break” it by pulling 2 extremes. In both cases, the muscular work, before any exercise, will become more intense.
  • When you have to lean on the magic ring (for example, lying face down while you try to raise the log holding it with your two hands) do not exert excessive pressure on it. The hoop is not your “cane”, but rather an element that helps you to establish the distance in comparison with the ground (in the case of the example) to get you to increase your care.

Exercises to learn how to use the magic Pilates ring

Like other accessories used in a Pilates session, this can be extremely useful. If you don’t know it, a good way to begin to achieve its benefits is to perform, with it, certain basic exercises:

1. Arms

Standing, legs tenuously apart, hold the hoop with both hands and your arms outstretched at shoulder level. Try to join your fists and you will appreciate how the resistance of the hoop makes you work intensely, the muscles of the arms, next to pectorals and deltoids.

We teach you how to use the magic Pilates ring

2. Legs and abdominals

Lying on your back, hold the ring between your ankles and squeeze tightly. So, elevate your legs and you will be doing a double exercise that involves the work of the muscles of the abdomen and in addition to that of your legs, fat accumulations or flaccidity in the inner thighs?…. unthinkable.

3. Dorsals and buttocks

Sitting on the floor, put the ring vertically on one of your sides, at the height of your hip. Keep your back straight and, with the opposite hand (the farthest away from the hoop) press the magic hoop gently. You should turn slightly more always and in all circumstances holding your back straight. Remember, don’t dump your weight on the hoop.

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