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Breathing with the diaphragm is considered the best way to breathe. When we breathe with the diaphragm, our belly will be full of air instead of our lungs, a way of breathing that is absolutely different from what we are used to.

In the first place, we will see the great benefits of breathing with the diaphragm, so that you can be persuaded to do this kind of breathing in your training.

Benefits of breathing with the diaphragm

Diaphragmatic breathing techniques enable the most efficient use of space in the lungs - do you want to learn to breathe with the diaphragm? Discover each and every one of the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing below:

  • Helps to relax: The first thing we should know is that abdominal breathing using the diaphragm will help us a lot to relax. When we are relaxed, we will be able to perform better in the sport, apart from being good at monitoring anxiety and other related problems.
  • Increases sports performance: When we breathe with the diaphragm, we let more controlled oxygen in, and more oxygen enters the body than with standard pulmonary breathing. In this way, we will have more energy and, consequently, more sports performance at the time of training.
  • Better regulation of the heart rate: By breathing more peacefully and being able to be supervised, we will have a greater regulation of the heart rate, that is, we will have fewer heartbeats, avoiding fatigue and tachycardia.
  • It is simpler to control: Finally, diaphragmatic breathing is simpler to monitor on a voluntary basis. In this way, we can better monitor how and when we breathe, something that will help us when it comes to swimming and running better.

Breathing with the Diaphragm

Now that you've become convinced of its advantages, it's time to learn to breathe with the diaphragm and take advantage of its great advantages when practicing sports. These are the steps you need to take to get into diaphragmatic breathing:

  1. He starts out lying on his back:
    The first thing you need to know is that we need to start breathing on our stomachs, which is the simplest way to start breathing. Standing or sitting, it is quite difficult to send oxygen to the stomach if we are beginners, being considerably simpler to do while lying down. In this way, we must lie on our back to start, apart from putting our hands on our belly to appreciate whether it is full or not.
  2. Empty your lungs:
    For more perfect breathing, we must start by emptying the lungs completely, to make sure that all the oxygen entering is new. For this reason, try to get all the air out of your lungs before you start breathing.
  3. Breathe"imagining" that the air is going into the gut:
    Now, we're going to start breathing in the air slowly, which we're going to do until we completely occupy our diaphragm. The best way to do this is to imagine that the gut is filled with air. By imagining it, we will really transform it, and you will appreciate how the stomach fills with air. Again, put your hands on your belly to appreciate how it is filled, to make sure you do it properly.
  4. Count to 3 before you slowly release the air:
    Finally, we are going to hold our breath for a few seconds, in order to encourage relaxation and learn to supervise breathing. As soon as your belly is full of air, you will hold the air for 3 seconds, and after counting to 3 mentally, you will release the air slowly until there is not a drop of oxygen.
  5. Repeat:
    Now that we have released all the oxygen, we will have returned to step 2. Thus, we will repeat the exercise until we have mastered breathing. Once you have done this, try to do the exercise sitting up and finally standing up.

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