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Wefitter: your reward for leading a sporting life

Wefitter: your reward for leading a sporting life
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All ideas come for a good reason and in such a case Fitness is the primary cause. What would be your reaction, if we told you that there is a way in which you can compensate your hours of exercise for a multitude of gifts and discounts? This is that apart from favouring your physical and mental health with sport, you have the option of exchanging those minutes of sacrifice for prizes such as: discounts in hotels, sports courses, nutritional supplements or sports clothes. Would you like it?

Wefitter: your reward for leading a sporting life

For the innovative idea, comes from the hand of a group of young Barcelona sports lovers, who know that every day a little more, a greater number of people use mobile applications to help or support their sporting activities, create a reward procedure that will become that point of extra motivation, which will lift the whole world from the sofa and go out to engage in physical activity.

You should know that a large part of the rewards are destined to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and some of them can be exchanged in local stores that are around you. In addition to this once you are listed on the page or become a part of the mobile community, you will be given new information on groceries, exercises and challenges that you can go doing, with the goal of keeping yourself active and healthy, that is the goal! Do you want to know how it bears by name, this application?

WeFitter is the APP, which unites the 2 main ideas we have discussed and gives meaning to the leimotiv. It is very simple to use, if you want to start using it, these are the steps: First you will have to select the training mode, then register and finally connect it to your preferred application. It is compatible with the main sports tracking applications: Nike+, Runtastic, Fitbit and Endomorfo, among many other sixteen.

Wefitter: your reward for leading a sporting life

How it works

1 – Earn points

After you make the initial configuration, a multitude of possibilities will open up in front of you! Thanks to the connection with your application, the monitoring of your exercise will be completely different. Now you will have to meditate on achieving as many points as possible, these Wefitter points are distributed during your training routine, so when you finish, you will automatically be given all that you have achieved throughout the activity.

2 – Challenges and achievements

Get more points by sharing on social networks and signing up for challenges. Competing with other people will be fun and will make your competitive spirit increase, creating in you an unstoppable motivation!

Wefitter: your reward for leading a sporting life

3 – The ranking

If you share, you have your reward and if in addition to this you become the best sure that your feeling is going to be much better. Be a part of the ranking and scale as many positions as possible!

But if you consider that this alternative is only for those who carry out an enormous activity, we will reveal to you that the points you achieve with the daily activity and that a simple path can give you a multitude of points. Remember that this application has the goal of activating everyone’s life and rewarding all of you for every care.

If you are a company and want to motivate your employees, Wefitter is also for you. It puts to your predisposition the creation of a detailed account for you, where the employees and the bosses are going to be in contact to carry out the different challenges that you mark yourselves. It’s a great way to create a better working relationship!


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