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What activity is right for you to lose weight in the gym?

What activity is right for you to lose weight in the gym?
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Have you come back from holidays with some extra kilogram?…. Don’t worry about it. Find out which sports and exercises are the most effective for losing weight by training at the gym – take note!

What activity is right for you to lose weight in the gym?

If you have set yourself the goal for the next few weeks of getting in shape by eliminating kilograms and piles of fat, remember that the healthy way to lose weight is to continue a balanced diet combined with a physical activity that increases your calorific expenditure.

If you want to lose weight in the gym, overcome your vagrancy and resume the training sessions with which you will begin to burn extra calories as you strengthen the whole of your muscles and also progressively increase your cardiovascular capacity. Find out what the best weight loss activities are at the gym, below.

The best exercises to lose weight in the gym

Don’t obsess about the scale. At the moment of training, more than the kilograms, what should interest you is to reduce the percentage of anatomical fat. Quite a few people are surprised to see that they exercise and, over the first few weeks, gain weight. It is something normal and temporary that is generated by the greater development of the musculature, but with the activities to lose weight in the gym we propose and the advice of a qualified personal trainer, you will get good results before you expect.

1. Working with machines

When it comes to losing weight in the gym, you have 2 splendid allies at your disposal: the treadmill and the elliptical. Undoubtedly, these are the 2 machines with the most calories you can burn in less time. Adapt your work in them to your physical condition and increase your care little by little. You can start running on the tape about twenty minutes a couple of times a week and also extend the sessions until you reach thirty ? forty minutes.

What activity is right for you to lose weight in the gym?

For its part, training in the elliptical is ideal for working, apart from the lower train, the musculature of the arms and the core, a great option to regain physical shape in a short time by eliminating kilograms in the gym.

2. Training in circuit

In many gyms you will find specific programs to exercise intensely and get you to suppress fat with speed. These are called global or circuit training, which combine different cardio exercises and strength to make you lose weight and strengthen at the same time. Stepping, jumping, jumping jacks, stride, abdominals, squats? are certain exercises that are part of each of these “fat burning” sessions that, in addition to this, include high intensity intervals (HIIT training) that increase the basal metabolism causing you to continue burning calories after training.

3. Spinning

It is practiced in group classes in the gym, something that always and at all times increases motivation, and consists of pedaling to the sound of music in a pleasant and enjoyable way making you eliminate kilograms in the gym, practically without realizing … undoubtedly, a great idea to get in shape after the summer.

What activity is right for you to lose weight in the gym?

4. Aerobic activities + strength

You have different options to lose weight in the gym having a good time while you practice the activity that best suits your preferences. The zumba choreographies are ideal to get rid of a good number of calories in each of the sessions while you gain balance and improve the coordination of your movements.

The body combat, on the other hand, has become one of the favorite cardiovacular workouts in recent times, by the fact that with it slimming and also increase your own strength is possible in just a few weeks. In a one-hour class, in which incessant movements and exercises typical of martial arts, boxing and kickboxing take place, you can remove more than five hundred calories, while doing, in addition to this, a complete muscular work and also intense.

If you prefer, the body pump is the perfect alternative to lose weight in the gym, but every time you have a minimum physical form, since certain of its exercises include weight to increase the strength and volume of the muscles.

Options for each and every one of your tastes and so that you achieve your ideal weight in the gym practicing the most effective exercise that best suits your needs.

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