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There are no magic formulas. Combining a balanced diet with some exercise is the only way to eliminate the extra pounds in a healthy way. Exercise starts our body and burns off the extra calories we have left over - do you want to know which is the slimmest sport?

If you are determined to lose weight by taking care of yourself, sport is your best ally. When we exercise, our whole body works intensely, resorting to the calories ingested through the different foodstuffs and"pulling" the accumulated fats. The result is not only a loss of weight, but rather a more toned musculature, a more refined silhouette and a more diligent and flexible body.

Running: the best sport to lose weight and tone up

It is essential that you choose a sport that you like so that you can support your motivation when you practice it and not throw in the towel prematurely. Generally, the best weight loss sports are aerobics, those that keep the whole body moving, speeding up our cardiovascular system and burning calories even after physical exercise.

Running is one of the most recommended weight loss sports. Running is a complete and demanding sport, which you can practice at your own pace and which always and in all circumstances is an essential physical care, especially for the lower body. By running for forty-five minutes at a medium speed and combining the trot with a few minutes of greater intensity you can easily get rid of about five hundred kcal. It's not bad but you also have other sports alternatives to lose weight and strengthen at the same time more quickly.

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The ideal sports for weight loss

In addition to running, there are some sports that are ideal for losing weight because they involve intense work by the different muscle groups and because they combine speed in movement and endurance. These sports are very energy-intensive and, in short, are all about losing weight (burning more calories than we eat). Choose among the next sports that will help you lose weight progressively:

  • Tennis. You run, spin, jump, stretch, and hit the ball with your strength. A game of tennis is a high-intensity physical activity that combines aerobic exercise with hard work, making it one of the ideal sports for burning calories, and the 500-600 calories/hour is simple to lose.
  • Cycling or spinning. It's another weight loss sport if you train at a high pace. Giving the pedals twenty minutes 3 times a week means legs and buttocks like rocks and safe weight loss.
  • Crossfit. We're looking at a real fat burning. The crossfit is a short, but high-intensity training program that combines aerobic, anaerobic and strength training (weights). Getting three hundred calories out per session is not complicated. If you're talking about fighting kilograms in the gym or wherever you want, skipping rope is another of the best exercises to lose weight.
  • Swimming. It is also an aerobic sport that has the benefit of being practiced in an aquatic environment minimizing any possible impact. If you want to lose weight and burn abdominal fat without practically noticing it, join the pool and swim daily combining different styles and intensity intervals.
  • Cross-country skiing. The skiing season begins and if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of a few extra kilograms, you can do it by cross-country skiing. It is a hard sport that demands good physical fitness to walk and slide through the snow for several kilometers. Keep in mind that it is done in high mountains, at low temperatures. The body not only burns calories through hard work and exercise, but also to maintain its own anatomical temperature. At the same level as running.
  • Basketball. If you like team sports, basketball is an ideal sport for weight loss. With it you can burn up to eight kcal. per minute and in addition to this spend a while of the most enjoyable.

If none of these sports persuade you, you'll be interested to know that there are other types of exercise that can simply assist you in losing weight, such as cardio, for example. In short, which of the best weight loss sports do you get?

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