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What do I choose: dumbbells or kettlebells?

What do I choose: dumbbells or kettlebells?
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Enter any gym and essentially you will find 2 ways to strengthen your body: the dumbbells of always, and what has become a trend some time ago, the kettlebells. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but always and at all times we have exactly the same question: If I want to see results, which of the two should I use?

What do I choose: dumbbells or kettlebells?

The best for..;

Dynamic movements: Kettlebells

When it comes to explosive and physical movements, the kettlebells are the queens. If your goal is to improve speed and power or you are competing in a sport that requires explosiveness (such as volleyball or CrossFit), kettlebells are the best results you will give.

They will be your best choice for exercises that you work on different primary muscle groups. Certain habitual movements are the uprooting, windmills (windmills), Turkish get-ups and swing.

Swing is a good exercise because it can speed up your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular capacity and physical endurance. In contrast to the curl or the press, the swings activate the entire back including the buttocks, the hamstrings and the erector of the spine.

Basic Movements: Dumbbells

Dumbbells are excellent for doing a little bit of everything. You can start with basic exercises such as chest press, shoulder press, rowing or squats with dumbbells on the shoulders. The benefit is that you don’t move the weight around the body as you do in a start or swing, and this causes the movements to be easier and safer.

What do I choose: dumbbells or kettlebells?

Mix your training: Kettlebells

If you are always exhausted and at all times make burpees or American, try the kettlebells throughout a HIIT training. It is very simple to integrate some exercise with the kettlebells at the end of your routine with the dumbbells, and besides this will help you progress the anatomical posture.

Beginners: Dumbbells

If you’ve never been interested in this planet before, start with the dumbbells. Many specialists emphasize that dumbbells are the best choice for weight training unless you have previously worked with a personal kettlebells expert trainer.

Improve pressure: Kettlebells

Since the Kettlebell handle is often thicker than a gym dumbbell, it is ideal for increasing grip strength. The longer you’re using Russian weights, the more you’re going to improve grip strength and help you prepare for more complex exercises like pull-ups.

General Fitness: Dumbbells

A study showed that, by equating active movements with Kettlebells and basic weight-lifting exercises (squats and plucking), dumbbells gave significant improvements in strength over a six-week period. In other words, if your goal is strength and your physical state, there’s nothing wrong with worshipping dumbbells.

What do I choose: dumbbells or kettlebells?

Add an extra challenge: Kettlebells

Kettlebells have the center of gravity fifteen to twenty centimeters away from your hand, while dumbbells give more stability. This causes you to work more muscles by the fact that, in unison, you must lift their weight and stabilize them so that they don’t fall off. Trainers love kettlebells for their instability because they claim they are like objects we pick up every day and can’t supervise with such simplicity. But we must not forget that they have a bit of a risk, so if you’re quite new at this, don’t stray from the dumbbells.

Progress with weight: Dumbbells

It’s simpler to make a more challenging dumbbell routine. Don’t think that dumbbell exercises don’t work at all, since you can do dumbbell squats as well. Furthermore, it is always advisable to start dumbbell exercises at all times before moving on to kettlebells. And remember, weight is weight and you don’t have to worry about how much you lift now, but rather after a certain amount of time. Besides this, not only can you do your routines in the gym but you can do it at home because you can use any object as a dumbbell. It all depends on your inventiveness.

In addition, kettlebells generally do not gradually increase in size like dumbbells. Although many companies make kettleballs in multiple weights, depending on the gym you go to and its availability, it can be quite difficult to locate the one that’s right for you. On the other hand, most gyms have dumbbells that increase in weight by five kilograms.


What’s better? Well, it depends on your goals. Beginners and those who try to perform basic movements of strength in the gym should look at the dumbbells. At the same time as CrossFitters and people wishing to work the explosiveness, they should look at the kettlebells. Choose the weight genre that suits you best according to your fitness level and never hesitate to ask a trainer for an adapted assessment.

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