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Are you an athlete? Do you want to start being one? Sport is identified by the practice of a physical activity that ends up having benefits, both physical and psychological, whatever the modality practiced.

When carrying out these activities, general guidelines must be followed to ensure that you reach your objectives and become an effective athlete. In spite of this, in sports (especially outdoors), there are other patterns that will be based on seasonality.

If you're going to exercise in the summer, you need to know that there are things that will change about the sport in the winter. And the main change is in the equipment. With the change of temperature you will also need a change in your clothing. Find out what equipment should not be missing in your suitcase to exercise in summer and enjoy seeing the results coming.

Guidelines for choosing summer sports equipment

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Knowing how to select your equipment in summer will not only make you feel more comfortable or less warm, but will also lead to greater results. It doesn't matter if you are a running lover or your training program is a full body routine. Know the basic guidelines so you don't get confused in your outfit this summer.

Breathable clothing

Natural and synthetic fabrics should be your choice when dressing for summer sports. Garments that will leave you the suppression of high temperatures. These garments, which can be found in any shop at any and all costs, are also ideal for avoiding the remains that you leave behind in your clothes. Avoiding sweat and moisture through perspiration will keep you from getting soaked and therefore unable to catch a cold, and will give you complete freedom of movement and make you as comfortable as possible throughout your practice.

Despite the fact that there are models of synthetic t-shirts, he already opts for the wide ones sooner than the tight ones; the latter can damage perspiration and are more advisable for winter.

Comfortable and lightweight footwear

In many sports the foot is the one that bears the greatest load and pressure. Carrying your body's load throughout the day and incorporating sports sessions can overwhelm you.

The trainers with which you train will be essential to avoid this inconvenience of your feet.

In summer, tennis shoes used for physical activities should be light and breathable. Combining light weight with perspiration, avoiding excessive sweating of the foot and, apart from injuries, also prevents the appearance of fungus and other related problems.


Water is an essential part of every summer activity. Staying hydrated before, during and after training is necessary to ensure that your body is healthy and you get all the benefits of sport.

To carry the water bottles you can provide yourself with a hydration belt or a hydration backpack. In addition to making your work easier and more comfortable, in the case of the backpack you will also be able to carry some kind of food.

Cap and sunscreen

Training at high temperatures and with the sun shining directly on you is not good. If your practices are going to take place in these conditions you will need to equip yourself with a visor to avoid the direct rays of the sun, and apply cream to avoid that the rays impact directly on your skin.

Heart rate monitor

It is not a requirement but a recommended one. The use of the heart rate monitor will monitor your heart rate to prevent you from getting too upset to become a health risk.

Now you know a series of basic tips for exercising in summer. Apply them to each and every training and achieve the maximum possible results.

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