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What fruits to eat before and after training?

What fruits to eat before and after training?
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What fruits to eat before and after training?

Fruits are great alidadas of any sporting activity, but according to its properties and, above all, its glycemic index, each has its moment. They can assist you in getting the energy you need and also promote muscle restoration after training. Discover which fruits are the most recommended before and after training now.

The benefits of fruits for sportspeople

The essential fruits in the set of a balanced diet for any person and if in addition to this you practice an intense physical activity, they must be one of your basic foodstuffs. Most fruits have a high water content, essential for proper hydration of the body. In addition to this, they are one of the primary sources of vitamins and minerals essential for life and sport.

Recommending certain fruits for sooner or later exercise will depend primarily on their sugar content (fructose) and glycemic index (GI), which determines the time it takes these carbohydrates to be absorbed by the body by raising blood glucose levels.

What fruits to eat before and after training?

Always bearing in mind the physical peculiarities of each person and the type of training that is carried out, as a rule, the most advisable fruits for before exercise are those with a low or medium GI, reserving those with a high GI for later.

The explanation is easy. If we want our organism to “pull” its reserves of accumulated fat, it is not a good idea to take a foodstuff that gives it extra energy immediately, because it would resort to it and we would reduce efficiency. On the other hand, after a physical care, that extra sugars can attend to a better restoration and to the restoration of the suitable levels of glucose, that will have descended throughout the exercise.

The best fruits for before and after exercise

Taking a piece of “light” fruit about fifteen or twenty minutes before you start your session can really come in handy as part of a convenient diet. In truth, the most energetic fruits for athletes and the most recommended for sooner or later training are:

What fruits to eat before and after training?

  • Red fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries? They are always and in all circumstances recommended for their multiple benefits. Its antioxidants slow down the effects of free radicals and its vitamins and phytonutrients are ideal to feed you throughout the effort with a minimum calorific contribution.
  • Apple. Hydrates, gives a feeling of satiety, does not fatten and contains many other elements: soluble fiber (pectin) that helps to remove toxins, malic acid, which contributes to good digestion of fats and quercetin to care for the cardiovascular system … simply ideal for already before training.
  • Pear. The glycemic index of a juicy pear is very low, thirty-thirty-five (depending on the plurality) and taking it as a snack prior to exercise means drinking a good dose of water as well as minerals as essential in sport as potassium, sodium or zinc. Hence, it is one of the best snacks to drink before training at home or in the gym.
  • After training, to regain strength and restore the fluids and electrolytes lost by sweating proper exercise, the best fruits, those that contribute to an unbeatable restoration, are:
  • Watermelon. It is one of the fruits with the highest GI (seventy), so it is always and at all times preferable to take it after training. Super refreshing, it is ideal to restore liquids and minerals.
  • Banana. It’s another great ally of muscle restoration. Its high sugar content is ideal for restoring the “spent” glucose and returning energy almost immediately. We must not forget its efficiency when it comes to rebalancing the minerals that our body needs, especially bearing in mind the amount of potassium it can provide.
  • Mango. Tropical fruits such as mango have high GIs and for this reason it is advisable to reserve them for training after. Magnesium, calcium and sodium, certain minerals included in its composition, in which the high percentage of fibre should also be highlighted. Sweet and pleasant, after a care, feel wonderfully and is one of the edibles to speed up the metabolism and thrive performance.

If you do sport, remember that vegetable foods must be a key part of your diet. Bearing in mind its properties and also glycaemic indexes, choose the most suitable fruits for before and after your training.

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