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We all know that cardio is an essential fact when it comes to exercise and especially if the purpose is to lose weight. But an enormous doubt for many of us at the moment of starting with this process is, how do we achieve it, what kind of machinery should I use to achieve my goal?

If you ask most people who train, what are their favorite cardio machines, probably the 2 most pronounced would be the treadmill and the elliptical. Then, bearing in mind that countless people in their gym sessions use these 2 types, we will explain in detail the disadvantages and advantages of each one, so that you can choose the option that best suits you or your goal.

Treadmill Treadmill

First of all, when we talk about this plot we must accept that it offers a"package" of multiple exercises, you can walk, jog, run or sprint, which is incredible.


  • Having the option of so many exercises, it transforms it into an alternative to be able to do multiple genres of different training.
  • The ability to adjust the incline makes your training can become harder or more demanding.
  • Because your feet don't stay planted all the time, more calories are burned than the elliptical.
  • You will improve your endurance skills.


  • Your joints suffer more with the treadmill than with the elliptical, especially your knees.
  • You don't use your upper body, which you do with the elliptical.
  • As for maintenance, if you want a machine like this at home, you should know that it needs more than your other option.

After we have seen the pros and cons of the treadmill, now is the time for the elliptical.



  • Your joints have less impact, your knees, joints, hips and, in general, your joints will be healthier.
  • It includes activity on the upper part of your body, thanks to the grip of your hands. You really don't just move your arms, but you're going to work your shoulders and back as well.
  • Multiple movements, you can use the elliptical on the contrary, with the pedalling face back. Working the calf muscles this way.
  • There is no possibility of injury, it is a safe machine, where you get fixed movements, you can not injure yourself in any way.
  • Elliptical treadmills usually take up less space than treadmills.


  • The movement of this machine is fixed, it can increase the resistance, but the movement is held in exactly the same way. Hence it is simpler to raise your heart rate on the treadmill.
  • For these reasons, the elliptical is somewhat less efficient than the treadmill when it comes to burning calories.

Based on what was explained previously, we concluded that the perfect thing would be to use the treadmill, in those days when you only do cardio and elliptical just after doing your strength training, finally your day.

But the most essential thing is that you feel good with the machine you use, if there are certain 2 that you have preference for, do not hesitate, do your training on it, the essential thing is that the exercise is as pleasant as possible.

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