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What is the correct order of training routines?

What is the correct order of training routines?
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When planning the sessions in the gym, it is essential to establish the proper order of the training routine, because doing some exercises first or others, influences more than you think in the results you get.

How many days should I train per week? Where do I start? can I combine cardio and strength? These are frequent questions that arise when it comes to determining how to do our routine so that it is effective and so that we can achieve, with it, the objectives we have set ourselves.

When we start a training session, the body has a specific amount of free energy that we will consume as we progress through the exercise. The importance of establishing a suitable order in the routine is exactly that, in distributing our energy to have at all times the necessary energy to do the exercises and get the most out of them.

Especially if you start out in fitness, having the advice of a professional trainer is essential when it comes to getting the right order of hitting your fitness routine in the weeks and months to come. Only a good planning of the weekly training will achieve your best performance in each of the sessions.

The basis for organizing training routines

Still don’t know which training routine to select? A training plan must always and in all circumstances be adapted and take into account your physical peculiarities and the objectives you are pursuing but, generally, the order of a training routine must take into account the following premises:

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Whether it’s an aerobic workout or a strength training routine, warm-up is the initial step in any training.

The ideal order for your routine will depend on what you want to achieve. When you start training, your energy reserves are at their maximum and you should take advantage of them to perform the exercises that are most effective according to your goals. If you want a general overhaul and you want to lose weight, the best thing to do is to start with cardio training, but if your objective is muscle development, you should go directly to strength training, since the previous cardio training would take your energy away and the session would lose efficiency.

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It is a mistake to start working on a specific muscle because it is interesting for you, for example, to develop biceps. The proper order of a strength routine involves always and under all circumstances training the large muscle groups: troc, back, lower extremities and upper extremities. Extensions, abs, irons, squats? are general exercises that should go in the first part of the session. In the next step, you could add extra weight and in a third step, focus on the precise muscles you want to work on.

A routine that follows an appropriate order at all times and in all circumstances must end up reducing the effort progressively in order to favour the slow restoration of the organism, the heart rhythm and the muscles.

Example of the proper order of a training session at the gym

Are you concerned about the order in which you should proceed with your training routines? This case can serve as a basis for your exercise plan.

  1. Set the training days according to your level and fitness. There will have to be three or four of them per week, in order to respect the indispensable rest periods.
  2. Determine, according to your goals, if you should focus your energies on cardiovascular training or strength training.
  3. It always starts with a first warm-up phase of five to ten minutes under all circumstances.
  4. If you focus on cardio, do a few gentle exercises first and then focus on those that involve”explosive” movements, such as jumps or strides.
  5. In strength training, begin routine with four to five exercises with which to work on muscle groups, performing eight to ten repetitions of each one of them and between two and four series (always and at all times with the relevant minutes of rest). It then moves on to the concrete training phase of specific muscles: biceps, triceps, abductors, deltoids?
  6. Remember to finish with a few minutes of restoration in which you reduce your heart rate and your muscles relax progressively.
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