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What is the difference between circuits, superseries and intervals?

What is the difference between circuits, superseries and intervals?
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When something like this is written in your training sessions, such as superseries, circuits or intervals, it may not sound very familiar or you may simply not understand the differences between them. But it’s essential that you know, each of them describes a different way of working but they will all help you get the best out of you.

The purpose of this article is to know and understand the basic concepts of each of them in order to carry them out in the appropriate moments.


If you’ve ever done a set of strength exercises, you’ve actually done a circuit. A circuit can be made up of four exercises to ten different movements. Due to the use of dumbbells, rods and other accessories, they tend to be considered resistance training.

The main objective is to fill the whole assembly quickly and in the best possible way. You determine how you want to do it, you have two options: the first is to do the whole circuit a certain number of times (rounds) or the other alternative is to do it as fast as possible.


The intervals involve repeated exercises of moderate and high care interspersed with breaks. They get used to doing intervals in high-intensity cardio workouts.

For example, in an interval training style it is Tabata, which performs twenty seconds of maximum care, followed by ten seconds of rest. But if you’re new to interval training, you might want to start with less structured training than the Tabata, in such a case you’ll find speed and pause periods in Fartlek training.

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They are included in many strength training programs. In a superseries you will have to complete 2 different exercises in a row before a rest period. The ideal thing for this kind of exercise is to choose a weight that you feel comfortable with, because the superseries are a lot more intensive than the usual series.

If you decide to select this type of training, it is best to combine the movements that target opposing muscle groups, such as, for example, a chest exercise followed by a back exercise. While for advanced users you can work on exactly the same muscle set in a superseries.

If you want to do an even more advanced level of training, you can add another exercise, so that it becomes a tri-series.

In general, the superseries are really useful to move through training with a greater number of exercises more quickly.

How to put them into use

Once described, the essence of these trainings is how they can be used to focus on your goals. Each of them is focused on a specific goal, although they all have glycogen burning in common, so they all contribute to assisting with fat burning.

  • The circuits are ideal as a complement to any fitness program you may have. If your time is limited, this kind of exercise will become the perfect choice, since you will be able to effectively train countless muscle groups, but always and at all times in a superficial way. You should know that circuits are generally less efficient in power construction. Therefore, given its peculiarities, it is more useful to do it after a session of strength.
  • The intervals are ideal for weight loss and improved sports performance. Despite the asymmetric relationship of work periods and breaks during interval training, their effects contribute to the metabolism’s ability to better mobilize fat reserves. They are really useful to supplement with cardio, so as to highlight weight loss. Each and every form of interval training is ideal for fighting your cardiovascular system, increasing your ability to withstand higher intensities over a longer period of time. HIIT training is ideal for achieving speed, strength and explosiveness.
  • The superseries are ideal for muscle building, and can be ideal for building muscle endurance. They are a popular way to increase endurance, while allowing you to work at higher intensities and gradually assist your muscles to thrive. If your goal is to increase strength, you can make superseries with a higher weight, fewer repetitions and longer rest periods.
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