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What muscles are worked with the rowing machine?

What muscles are worked with the rowing machine?
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Rowing machine training is very complete. They let us work deep muscles of different parts of the body. Wood, back, legs and arms are improved thanks to this exercise. This machine is an ideal tool for an integral and balanced bodybuilding.

What muscles are worked with the rowing machine?

These are the primary muscles that are worked with the rowing machine.

Quadriceps and hamstrings

The thrust of the legs and the extension of the knee make certain muscles work more interesting for a toned and strengthened body. Among them, the quadriceps and the hamstrings. For this it is essential that you perform the technique correctly. These muscles will look stronger, muscled and firmer with the work on the rowing machine. The greater the pushing force you apply to your legs, the more you will help their work.


The action of pushing with the legs and hip extension are the culprits of the gluteus working. The work on the rowing machine greatly improves the aesthetics of the ass. He achieves it thanks to the intense work of the buttocks, singularly. But also thanks to the fact that it burns fat and strengthens the legs, thus elevating their muscles. These are going to be firm, strong and hard.

Middle Muscles

This is how we call the whole of the transverse muscle of the abdomen, the oblique muscle and the erector muscle of the spine. These muscles are worked with the rowing machine by extending the back face back. It is essential to use the technique properly so that these muscles work and the spine is not forced. In this way you will minimize the danger of injury while promoting the muscle mass of the areas that really interest you.

Trapezium and rhomboids

The movement of back extension and shoulder retraction makes trapeze and rhomboid work. These muscles ensure that the shoulders have a stable base from which to perform the shooting action. Having these well-built muscles allows you to protect your upper spine and widen your back. The trapeze helps to link the log with the arms and skull. The strengthening of these muscles in the rowing machine improves the posture of the shoulders and helps to avoid back pains due to a weaker musculature.

What muscles are worked with the rowing machine?

Deltoids and pectorals

Both the deltoids and the pectoral muscles are worked on the rowing machine but not at the limit level. The movement of the arms at the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next is what contributes to these muscles working. It is, since, a minor and secondary work even more in this fundamental way.

Biceps and triceps

Exercising on the rowing machine works and improves the muscles of the biceps and triceps. The movement carried out when folding the elbows and the one carried out to pull the paddle face the middle section makes them work intensely in each and every cycle. You should try to make these muscles work with exactly the same intensity as your legs and not greater. This way you’ll let your arms and legs work equally. And don’t feel one limb meridianally more exhausted than the other.


The broad dorsal muscle is worked in exactly the same movement as the trapezoidal and rhomboid muscles. Strengthening this area of the back will improve the appearance of exactly the same. But it will also contribute to a good strength of arm support. And to minimize the occurrence of back pain caused by a weak musculature.

Iliopsoas or flexor muscles of the hips

These muscles work by sliding you face forward after one cycle to perform the next and on the extension face back. Although it is not a muscle that one often wants to work particularly is fundamental for the athlete. It is in charge of flexing the hip and turning the inner thigh, helps to flex the log face forward and serves to flex and turn the hip face the desired side.

Flexors of the fingers and wrist muscles

The grip of the oar is a job for the flexor muscles of the fingers. It is essential that these muscles are not overloaded by their incessant grip. The muscles of the wrist will be strengthened by this continued grip throughout the entire exercise cycle. It is not a musculature that one thinks about developing but is essential for daily life. And essential for the exercises in which it is necessary the grip, as the dead weight, among many others.

What muscles are worked with the rowing machine?

These are the primary muscles that are worked with the rowing machine. It is essential that you perform the technique properly and hold the appropriate postures at each and every instant. In this way you will get the work to fall on these muscles and not on others less interesting. Besides this is going to be the way to avoid injuries and discomfort.

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