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Running is a very trendy sport, and that is that, leaving aside the economic aspects, such as not having to pay money to run anywhere, it is an exercise that gives us great physical and sensitive advantages. In addition to this, thriving day after day offers us a satisfaction that will make us get hooked on the fashion runner.

However, it is common for us to get bogged down in training at some point along the way. We see that our goals are not moving, they may still go down and day after day we leave discouraged further to continue training. To avoid this happening in your running training, or to solve it if it already happens to us, it's going to be better to pay attention to certain aspects that can cause us to get stuck in our race training.

4 tips to avoid stagnation in running

How do you avoid getting stuck when you run? Discover now some tips to avoid stagnation in running effectively:

1. The relevance of rest

While it's true that the more you train the better you'll get, it's also true that if you overdo it, you'll miss it. In other words, there is a circumstance called overtraining that can lead us to overwork ourselves and be an inconvenience in our development as runners. That's why, you have to train more with your head, and always respecting a rest after exercising, mainly.

Be wary if you feel that you are not fatigued and that they can train more days than expected. If you're going to start running, it's best to find out the best way to do it and to get the training done before you fall into the trap of overtraining and stagnating your race training.

2. Change your workouts

The race continues is one of the reasons why many people get stuck and don't move forward. It is possible that you are preparing for a long race, but not always and in all circumstances you should try to run as many kilometers as possible, but changing the training routine will give you the keys to continue advancing.

One of the ways to increase our power and speed is to make rhythm changes when you run. This is what is known as series production and consists of running for a time x at maximum power. Thus we increase our power and habituate our heart to run faster.

We can also change the place where we run, and if we always and under all circumstances do it on smooth, we will be able to work the slopes. In this way, you will be working on other ways of running and other ways of running and other parts of your body, so that you can hold yourself in shape and get that breakthrough that will make you take off.

3. The strength works

It is often the case that stagnation in your career training is generated if you are not strong enough. In a case like this, we don't move forward because we lack the strength in the muscles we need to run, which can be solved by working on this aspect.

You don't have to start lifting weights like you've been doing if you want to build up your muscles, but it's going to be a good idea to start cross training for runners, strengthen those parts of your body that are involved in the race, so that you can better support the pace and shorten your record times. The best thing is to work with little weight and many reiterations.

4. Don't forget to stretch.

And if we talk about training, we must take into consideration that an essential part of this is stretching. It's a way of caring for your body that you can't ignore, as without them, your muscles may suffer and you may become stuck in your career training.

Keep in mind that when we are running, we are damaging our muscles, so we are going to have to do flexibility exercises to improve the quality of our movement, apart from stopping the possibility of injury. You must stretch before and after each training to do it correctly.

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