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How and what should I eat on a night race day to optimize my performance without damaging my stomach? This is a question that many running enthusiasts ask themselves in the days leading up to a race that has room at night. Here are some nutrition tips to help you plan an effective night race.

How can we nourish ourselves even before a night race?

Each person's nutritional preferences and tolerances are different, but planning your meals from the moment the alarm clock sounds is a good way to ensure a happy stomach throughout a nightly run. If you have dared to start running at night, these are the considerations you should keep in mind about your previous nutrition:

What do you want for breakfast before a night race?

It is essential to have a good breakfast on the day of the race, especially if you are talking about a half marathon or a marathon, and also to reduce the consumption of food as the time for the event approaches. This will give you the time to digest the food and still be able to use that energy throughout the race. A couple of small bread rolls with 2 pieces of meat and one or two scrambled eggs is a good choice. Protein and fat are valid for your breakfast, but avoid eating foods that are too fatty and too slow to digest.

At lunchtime you must still be fed up with breakfast, so it would be enough to eat something soft like a piece of fruit or nuts.

What do you mean, dinner before a night race?

This would be the second big meal of the day. Seek to achieve 500 calories to meet your glycogen demands over the course of the race. Eat a meal that is easily digestible, low in fiber and basically made up of carbohydrates.

What to eat 2 hours before the race already?

Eat a light snack, between two hundred and three hundred calories, composed mainly of carbohydrates of simple digestion to cover your energy reserves. A slice of bread toasted with butter and a banana, or an equivalent alternative option depending on your individual needs, should work. If even in this way you feel hungry, have a drink at a vigorous bar for the moments before the race.

Pre-Night Race Nutrition Tips

What conditions must the athletes' diet meet for a night race? Now, let's give you 2 basic recommendations so that you can take care of your nutrition before a night race and get your body properly prepared for this great event:

  • Avoid foods that are the result of boredom or nervousness

When they take eight or ten hours from the time you wake up until race time, it can be simple to fall into the trap of eating out of boredom or nervousness. Avoid the temptation to snack between meals by following your preset meal plan. Lying down on the sofa at home or in a bed in the hotel room and opening a bag of snacks made with the pretension of eating compulsively could completely ruin our middle or long-distance career.

Remember that the nerves before the race will not get you anywhere, nor will the nerves to participate in an essential event of any other sport. Instead of sitting back and waiting for the time, restless or worried, try to keep yourself busy by reading a book, watching a movie or any other movie that doesn't involve physical activity.

  • Drink liquid throughout the day

Take a bottle of water with you throughout the day and drink it regularly. For a race that starts at the end of the day, try to drink a pint of water after getting out of bed in the morning. 2 hours before the end of the race, drink half a litre of liquid, whether in the form of water, sports drink or juice. This ensures that we take care of our hydration and have hydrated our body even before the race as we give the kidneys time to perform their function.

As for coffee, if you usually have it with breakfast, that's great. But if you're not used to caffeine in the afternoon, especially before running, avoid it 2 to 4 hours before the race.

As for alcohol, let's leave it until later, when you've crossed the finish line!

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