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There are many theories about food intake before and after yoga. The truth is that in the nutrition recommended for those who practice yoga it is detailed that we have the organism well nourished to be able to properly perform asanas but, at the same time, we are not too swollen and we have not had an overflowing lunch.

In this article we will examine what to eat before and after yoga so that you can satisfy your hunger and, at the same time, take complete care of yourself.

Here's what you should eat before you do yoga

If you are going to do yoga, you should know that although it is advisable to go with a full stomach, it is also essential that at least two hours have passed since this way you will be light and you will be able to do your movements perfectly.

In addition to this, it is also essential that, even before your first yoga class, you have your body properly hydrated so that your muscles and joints move with the elasticity required for the practice of this exercise.

That said, whether you want to do slimming yoga to strengthen, we're now going to discover some of the best foods to eat before you do yoga that will help you get full of energy and vitality:

  • Nuts: they provide us with protein and an enormous source of energy, making them ideal for eating even before sports practice.
  • Carbohydrates: it is interesting that you enjoy a meal where carbohydrates are present. It can be fruits, cereals, rice, bread, etc., so you will have enough energy to do the exercises.
  • Fruits: in the simple carbohydrates we highlight fruits as an edible recommended even before the yoga class. Among them, avocado is an enormous option because it is an edible rich in healthy fats that will help us to properly make the best known yoga asanas.

On the other hand, you should avoid eating acidic foods that can cause heartburn, nor should you eat greasy foods that are slower to digest and can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable throughout the session.

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And these are groceries you can have after doing yoga.

After a yoga session, our body has been concentrated and active, and it will have lost mineral salts due to sweating. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you drink 2 glasses of water after the yoga training and, if you wish, you can add a little coconut water or lemon drops to restore your mineral salts.

But, apart from restoring fluids, it is essential that in your diet to do yoga you take edibles that will help you regain your balance and restore your energy reserves. The best foods you can eat after doing yoga are the following:

  • Fruits of simple digestion: watermelon, pear, banana, etc.
  • Vegetables or vegetables: they will help you hydrate your body and satisfy your hunger.
  • Skimmed yoghurts: they are rich in protein and very satiating.
  • Carbohydrates: they are ideal for restoring lost energy, although if it is at night, it is better to avoid these foods because they are too hot for the last hour of the day.
  • Dried fruits: they provide both protein and carbohydrates, as well as satisfying your hunger.
  • Proteins: they will help you fix your muscles after intense exercise.

If it is not yet time for lunch or dinner, a very advisable alternative to slimming down quickly by doing yoga and strengthening your muscles is to prepare a fruit shake of the season and, if you wish, add chia seeds (or any other kind of seed) that will help you to satisfy your hunger more.

More nutrition tips for yoga

Now that you know what to eat before and after doing yoga, it is interesting that we also take into account a series of tips that will help us to have a balanced nutrition that is fully in line with our passion for yoga:

  • Neither tired nor empty: it is essential that to perform well in your class you do not arrive on a full stomach but neither empty. If you do yoga in the first hour of the morning, it is always and under all circumstances advisable that, at least thirty minutes before, you have already eaten a yogurt, a fruit or a shake to provide us with nutrients and energy.
  • Light food: in addition to this, if you don't have too much time between the food and the yoga class, it's best to choose to have a light lunch and then have a good portion of food with the groceries that we have detailed, in this way, you will do well in the class and you will take care of yourself over time.
  • Drink water throughout the class: it is also recommended that you take care of your hydration and that you drink water during the class. Don't overdo it because it could give you more flatus but it is essential that you take small sips so you don't dry out in no time.

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