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What you need to know to warm up before the gym

What you need to know to warm up before the gym
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What you need to know to warm up before the gym

Surely on more than one occasion you have heard that it is necessary to warm up before going to the gym, but why is it advisable to do a warm up to go to the gym? The truth is that this is a previous step that must be carried out before starting the daily training, otherwise your muscles may not be ready for the effort and may suffer some kind of discomfort or, worse still, injury.

If you have just started in the gym or you are already a specialist doing sports day by day, in this article we are going to discover everything you need to know to warm up before the gym and that, in this way, you can design a training routine that is good for both your physique and your general health.

Basic Tips for a Good Gym Warm-Up

Before starting our frequent training session, it is essential to spend a few minutes warming up in the gym. It is a previous step that is essential to activate our body and avoid suffering an injury of any kind.

What you need to know to warm up before the gym

But what does the gym warm-up look like? Now we are going to discover the 2 parts into which you are going to have to divide it in order to make sure that you are doing the exercise correctly:

  • General warming up: the first thing we should do when warming up in the gym is to activate our whole body in a general way. After a day at work, with your muscles at rest and resting, it is essential that, before exercise, you prepare your whole body so that it is strong and with enough energy for the next effort.
  • Specific heating: in case you are going to do a force or specific heating in an area of the body. That is to say, in warming up to do weights you will need to do exercises to prepare your back and arms, while in order to do GAP, you will need to do a specific warm-up to activate your legs and lower joints. In addition, instead of choosing to train on the treadmill, if you will do weights you can choose to warm up the body with a paddle that also activates your whole body, but affects areas such as legs and arms.

In addition, in order to warm up before the gym in the correct way, you should know that the average time you are going to have to dedicate to this beginning of the training should fluctuate between fifteen or twenty minutes since, in this way, we activate our pulsations and prepare the whole body.

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What you need to know to warm up before the gym

3 essential exercises to warm up before the gym

But what are the best warm-ups even before the gym? What we pursue with this type of activity is, above all, to activate the body in order, in this way, to reduce the danger of suffering injuries during the training session, or the dreaded stiffness of the day after. Therefore, we seek a type of cardiovascular exercise in which the majority of the anatomical muscles intervene in the gait.

Here is a list of three exercises suitable for warming up before exercise:

  • Running on a treadmill: whenever the conditions of your body allow it, running for fifteen or twenty minutes before starting the training is ideal for activating your body. You can start with a low intensity and, little by little, increase it.
  • Elliptical: another of the best exercises to warm up is to do elliptical, a machine designed for cardiovascular exercise and that is suitable for most people, regardless of their physical condition and age. It is, in addition to this, one of the most complete exercises that exist insofar as it will activate both the lower part of the body and the upper part.
  • Exercise Bicycle: this is another of the best exercises for warming up before the gym but, above all, is suitable for people who are going to exercise the lower body (buttocks, abdominals, legs, hips, etc.) as it is the part of the body that works more with this exercise.

With these easy tips you can start enjoying training sessions at home or at the gym that are safe for you and healthy for your body.

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