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What you should never do when you go to the gym.

What you should never do when you go to the gym.
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What you should never do when you go to the gym.

A gymnasium is like a miniature city, and sometimes we have to live in a very small space with people who have habits that do not fit our style or our education. In the gym it is necessary to behave, but also it is convenient to respect the other users of the room. We all have exactly the same rights, but there are a number of abhorrent behaviors in the gym that we should all avoid, however much certain people seem to enjoy doing them. If you are going to start going to the gym or you have enough experience, you should not overlook the common mistakes that are accustomed to making and that we explain below:

Do not bring a towel

This applies to both machines and clothing. If you exercise, you’ll sweat, so you’ll never forget the towel. Surely you do not like to go to a machine and locate the trace of sweat of the previous user, so the next one who uses it has no reason to meet your sweat (not to mention the lack of hygiene involved). Something similar happens in the dressing room, it doesn’t cost anything to put a towel or a T-shirt on the bench. It’s also going to be really useful to walk around the locker room after a bath.

Constantly looking at your mobile

His place is in the locker. There are those who use it to listen to music while training, which can have a pass, although we have other devices that can do it. What is not acceptable in any case is that you spend the training sending whatsapps, playing while resting between series or making selfies to upload them to Instagram. We go back to the music, an occasional photograph or a video to supervise the technique can be understood, but surely you know of someone who devotes more time and attention to photographs than to training.

What you should never do when you go to the gym.

Leaving the bars loaded

Another common failure in the gym that you can locate is to arrive and find the bars loaded by the fact that the previous one has not downloaded it. First, leaving the bars loaded is an offense to both the other users and the gym workers, who will have to unload them at the end of the day, and second, it can end up damaging the material. For one or a couple of days nothing happens, but if day by day you leave a bar loaded at the end is going to bend. Remember that by downloading it we mean to leave each and every one of the weights in place.

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Do not share

Speaking of loaded bars, there are those who leave the weight on to “reserve it”. The same goes for the towel in the machines. But this isn’t a restaurant, if you want to train just rent it for yourself. No bars or machines are reserved while you do another exercise, and if there are people waiting for you to finish you can share the machine throughout the breaks.

What you should never do when you go to the gym.

To go badly dressed

Performance or fashion? Although the two concepts are compatible, the usefulness of the clothes must be the important thing. How to dress for training? Use flexible, breathable fabrics to take full advantage of your performance. Otherwise you will limit your movements. Also be careful with bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings, complements that can be hooked and cause an accident. Needless to say, bathing suits or street clothes are forbidden. In truth, in many gyms we are not allowed to train if we are not dressed for the occasion.

Being a know-it-all

But if there is one thing that attracts the attention (from a negative point of view) of gym users and workers, it’s the know-it-alls. Those people who come to the gym thinking that they know everything and in the moment of truth they misuse the machines, have a deficient technique – which causes them aches and injuries -, ignore the advice of the monitors, continue a repetitive training and without logic and, if that were not enough, criticize the rest of users, apart from doing everything we have said before. Humility is one thing we should also work on in the gym.

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