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What you shouldn’t do if you miss a day of training

What you shouldn’t do if you miss a day of training
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Life is unpredictable, and while we organize our agenda for the next few hours, we don’t know how the day will unfold. This is why we can sometimes miss our training, which should not cause us too much concern. The most essential thing if you miss a day of training is to know that we can get the best possible results, even if we feel that we have too busy a life to achieve our goals.

We have to understand and admit why we haven’t gone to practice. The responsibilities of daily life or medical problems can cause us to miss our training session for one or more days, or to decide to start the gym at another time.

Here are some guidelines on what to do if we miss a day of training, how it can affect us and how to solve it.

What do you do if you skip a day of training?

Have you missed today’s training? It’s okay, it’s not the end of the planet. Occasionally, our bodies may need an extra day of rest. Being aware of our general well-being is as essential as feeding our bodies properly. Whatever the reason why you haven’t been to training, it is interesting to take into consideration a series of considerations in order not to lose motivation and to recover the training routine later in the day, or when our family or professional commitments allow us to do so:

  1. Use that day for rest. One easy way to make up for our lack of training is to take it as a Sabbath day. If, for example, our Sabbath is Wednesday and Sunday and we miss training on a Tuesday, we will train on that Wednesday. In addition to this, there are certain ways to relax your loaded legs after training and take advantage of our day off to recover from the activity.
  2. Add that day’s exercises to your next training session. If you have enough time and energy to do the exercises you haven’t done that day that you will have to do next time, just do it. This is one of the best ways to do this, as it means we don’t have to touch our Sabbath and we don’t have to reshape our weekly calendar.
  3. Delay your entire training program by one day. This alternative may be the simplest. If your training plan was to be completed in twenty-eight days, we increased it to twenty-nine to make up for the day we didn’t train. The only drawback to this solution is that you will not finish your training program the day you expected.
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What you do have to have, however, is that you can’t make a habit of it. It probably took you some time to plan your training routine and organize the days you are going to train. You have begun to train until you acquire the habit, therefore, do not lose it now what you have cost yourself to achieve.

You should also remember that if you can’t go to the gym on any given day, it’s not rigorously accurate for exercise. You should probably adapt your exercises to the material you have at home or decide if you want to train alone or in company, but you’re sure to be able to do a more than satisfactory training and not feel guilty about having been completely stopped that day. In truth, we could count it as a day of low intensity training and motivate ourselves in this way to do our best in the next session.

And what happens if you miss more than one day of training?

If you’ve missed 2 or more days of training during the week, start again next week and make sure you can keep to the schedule you set for yourself. Setting up a schedule for our training will help you not to miss it, ensuring you get the results you were looking for in the sport you are most passionate about.

What you can’t do is plan a training routine, continue it halfway through, and wait for the best results. What you really must do is work for this reason and be determined to achieve your goals.

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