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How many times have you wondered when is the ideal time to have protein shakes? Drinking shakes for drinking is worthless, so we will try to summarize in the following lines exactly when it is convenient to drink the correct protein shake.

Protein for pre-training

The pre-training shake is most efficient if consumed about half an hour before the start of the session. If you take it hours before you start training, you are unlikely to see any real benefit from it. And don't choose a pure, hard, low-carbohydrate protein shake, while a lack of carbohydrates can create a greater risk of muscle injury, and don't expect the shake to do all the work for you either! If what you want is to increase muscle mass, achieving it or not depends directly on the training you do.

Protein for article-training

There's a precise time and place for fat and, after training, it's not. A good option is to take a shake with a little carbohydrate, while it catalyzes a spike of insulin in the body. This speeds up the movement of nutrients in the muscle tissue. So it is best to choose a shake with a small amount of carbohydrates and a high proportion of whey protein, the fastest digesting protein that acts directly on the muscles.

For those who train regularly and intensively, daily protein shakes should consist of 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, or even more. But to ingest pure protein is not a great idea. The moment you reach a certain amount of protein contained in your body, adding more does not help. The most essential thing is to drink the shake as soon as possible after the training is over. It's all a matter of knowing how to act at the right moment.

Protein stops before bedtime

A protein shake of about an hour before leaving for the rooms is key, but some people need to eat them before to be able to sleep more comfortably. A casein-based shake, which works slowly through our body, is perfect. In this way, we are nourishing our muscles in a perfect moment, when the number of growth hormones is very high, which translates into the ideal moment to achieve the best stimulation.

If you prefer an alternative option to protein shakes, a good glass of milk and a banana are a good option - and a much cheaper one. Milk contains a mixture of whey protein and casein, which stimulates muscle development throughout the night.

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