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Why dieting makes it harder to lose body fat, not easier

Why dieting makes it harder to lose body fat, not easier
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Everyone knows that in order to lose anatomical fat, we must burn more calories than we consume. This is based on the first law of thermodynamics which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred in one way to another


Why dieting makes it harder to lose body fat, not easier

Therefore, it is from the feet on the ground that eating less or burning more calories day by day, will let us lose anatomical fat.


and limiting food intake by counting calories practically never walks. This

is because eating is essential to the survival of the human being and the human being is not ready to do without him

. Don’t


obscured by the fact that the diet doesn’t work. Motivate yourself


You mustn’


deprive yourself of anything. All you have to do is acquire healthy habits that will help you lose substantial anatomical fat. This article is going to help you get it!

REASON #1: Losing sight of what really matters to lose fat

One of the effects of diet is that people end up focusing on things that don’t matter too much when it comes to losing fat. They pay too much attention to things such as whether their food is organic or transgenic, it contains gluten, what kind of water they drink, and the times they eat. This does not mean that they do not matter on other occasions and / or situations that in certain cases are

. The

thing is that you will not appreciate the difference if you do not do what you must do mainly to lose fat.

Here are the tips that really matter when it comes to losing fat.

  • Eat high quality food that allows you to make a good digestion and avoid the empacho.
  • Sleep properly and avoid overwhelming.
  • Avoid essential nutritional deficiencies such as Fat-soluble Vitamin D, Vitamin B or Magnesium.
  • Be consistent in your training and feeding.
  • Lifting weights in such a way that you overload your body. This way you’ll gain muscle mass and lose fat.
  • Promotes activism rather than sedentarism.

Once you strengthen these healthy habits and they develop like clockwork, you’ll be able to start looking at what’s truly essential to you. You shouldn’t be so obsessed with small details as you are with getting these habits to develop automatically.

REASON #2: You don’t recognize when you’re hungry and when you’re full.

Starting a diet means dispensing with certain foods and also ignoring when you’re hungry for fear of getting fat. This leads to changes in your brain and metabolism and makes you feel hungry all day, even if you have just eaten. This also entails a lack of recognition when the opposite case occurs, the empacho.

To change your way of meditating in such a way that you recognize your hunger and your empacho is not simple labor, but here we leave you some advices that can assist you.

  • Be adamant about avoiding processed food in favor of real food.
  • Eat plenty of protein in your diet that includes healthy fats and absorb carbohydrates from whole-grain products.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and edibles with fiber.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep, as sleepiness negatively affects your metabolism and will accentuate the symptoms of famine and empacho.

REASON #3: You run out of willpower and cause you to affirm “But what the hell!” and get fed up.

Willpower is a limited resource and when you use it throughout the day to supervise that you don’t eat more than you need to while doing other activities that require extra care (such as going to the gym) it fades away. One reason for this is that self-control requires a lot of mental strength ? About twenty percent of the calories you burn during the day are used by the brain

. the

diet has a double effect on willpower since, on the one hand, you must use it to monitor your hunger, and on the other hand you limit calories, so that your amount of energy is going to be limited. The result is that quite a few people exhaust their willpower at night


when they raise their arms in the air and shriek ?and start eating fries, ice cream, cakes, etc?

Why dieting makes it harder to lose body fat, not easier

Adopt healthy eating habits that let you feel good, such as absorbing enough sugar for your brain so that you provide enough energy to let it run perfectly. Quite a few people think it’s a good trick to make regular meals with high protein, healthy fats, and also carbohydrates from whole foods.

REASON #4: You feel overwhelmed

To lose anatomical fat you do not have to be overwhelmed, since it is a long process that requires a lot of willpower. That’s because the moment you feel overwhelmed, the hormone cortisol rises.



, limiting calories to lose anatomical fat is an inherent anxiety of being overwhelmed, and it will make you feel unbalanced by your appetite and you will have cravings all the time.


olution: Calculate an efficient grief management plan that focuses on exercise and restoration, sleep, fun, and some kind of psyche activity – such as meditation or deep breathing.

REASON #5: Your metabolism slows down. There are 3 ways for your body to burn fewer calories every day

First, the process of decomposition and digestion of foodstuffs burns calories, called the thermal effect of foodstuffs. For example, the body burns practically twenty-five percent of the calories provided in a pure protein meal.


, this is a short-term effect and there are ways to compensate for it, by setting an example by increasing protein intake and eating more fibrous foods (such as vegetables)

Second, if you manage to eat less than 1,200 calories a day your body will slow down your metabolism in order to conserve oxidizing deposits, and in this way you will burn fewer calories a day. This has long-lasting negative effects on metabolism, leading people to regain the fat they lost. To begin with, they often end up getting fatter than they were.

Third, the diet leads to losing large amounts of muscle mass, which drastically reduces the amount of calories your body burns every day. This is a horrible situation in that it means that you have a worse anatomical composition and worse health than before you started.

Start a weight training program and opt for a high-protein diet to sustain muscle mass while losing anatomical fat

. by

planning your diet around whole-grain foods and lots of vegetables, it’s quite possible that if you’re reasonably active in daily life, you’ll have calorie deficits and lose anatomical fat without having to cut calories.

REASON #6: Not sustainable in the long term

Most people who start diets to lose fat do so with the mentality that “someday in the future” they will stop eating in a way they hate


Dieting alone is not sustainable. When you finish with your diet habits, you will recover the fat you lost and this will cause serious hormonal changes in your body that you will not be able to recover. This is known as the weight cycle and is a terrible reality affecting dieters as it makes it quite difficult to lose anatomical fat in the future and causes inflammation, increasing the danger of disease.

If you don’t like your exercise program, you just have to find a way to be active that you like a bit and you can continue exercising

. the

same goes for eating, if you don’t like what you eat, you have to find another way to eat that lets you enjoy the food and doesn’t make you crave it. Sometimes work with a dietitian, a psychologist, or a trainer can assist.

Why dieting makes it harder to lose body fat, not easier


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