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Why do you feel insecure even after losing weight?

Why do you feel insecure even after losing weight?
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When most people think about having a fitness body, what they really think is that they will get the secret of self-confidence.

Why do you feel insecure even after losing weight?

We have been conditioned to the idea that when we work hard at converting our body so that it looks good, we will automatically look happy and feel safe. But sadly, it’s not always and in all circumstances this way.

There are quite a few people who, despite achieving the goals they had set for themselves and fulfilling each of their objectives, do not reach the point of self-esteem and self-confidence they were seeking. In fact, it is quite common for the opposite to happen, a lot of people feel even worse than before.

What are we doing wrong?

The primary reason is the large investment in advertising developed and geared to manipulate people. To make think that it only stands between you and your dream life is the way of your body. This kind of marketing is efficient because people want to think about it. The problem is not difficult enough to solve..;

Why do you feel insecure even after losing weight?

Self-respect is just the opposite of losing several calories! Miracle regimens don’t exist, you can read more at the next link.

We’re going to tell you some of the most common reasons why people feel insecure, even after achieving their goals:

  1. Your hopes were unrealistic: many people believe that when they achieve their training goals they will be perfect. Once they reach their goals, everything will be perfect. Of course you’re not going to stop being shy about losing ten kilos… Please, never think in this direction! because you’re already getting off to a bad start.
  2. Your self-talk didn’t change: enough people think that when they achieve their physical goals, they will ultimately stop being negative and self-critical. They accept that their body is the cause of their negative self-talk, so moving their body will automatically change that behavior. If you have spent your life focusing on your shortcomings, comparing yourself to the rest and criticizing yourself, then you are going to be very skilled at doing so. It takes time and practice to break negative mental habits, and even more time and practice to thrive on the positive. If you change your body without changing your psyche, your brain will simply find new defects to focus on, new people to collate with, and new things to criticize.
  3. Your new habits were not sustainable: whatever you do to achieve your anatomical transformation, you are going to have to continue doing it always and at all times to sustain it. That said, you are not necessarily supposed to hold that form any longer if people often believe that there is going to be an end point to their goal and that when they reach their destination, they will continue there forever. And yet, there’s no such thing as an end, it’s just a long journey.
  4. They control their lives too much: when they begin to make changes, the zeal is conscious; you pay close attention to each behavior lesson. When it comes to the body, people become very vigilant about the behaviors that led them to success. They are aware of how hard it took them to get where they are and they are afraid, even obsessively, of being able to ruin everything. That’s why they pay attention to every little detail. In a way they can be right but if you do not control it you will end up living in ceaseless fear, and this is not healthy either.

Focusing on how you see yourself all the time, even in a positive way, strengthens the link between appearance and self-esteem. It’s simple especially when you see someone losing weight and getting that shape they were trying for. But what happens when you get used to your new body and the compliments reduce? Who else are you? What else do you have to offer people? What else do you owe your trust to?

Why do you feel insecure even after losing weight?

Your sense of self-worth must be tied to something that cannot be moved, not something that is naturally destined for it.

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