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Probably, one of the objectives that you most pursue with your training is to be able to delimit well marked abs. However, you will know that it is not a simple task. No matter how many repetitions you make of your favorite exercise if you don't keep in mind a few basic principles in your diet and training. In the article we explain the main reasons why you can't mark your"chocolate bar" and how to solve it.

  1. You have too much abdominal fat

This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why you can't see your six-pack despite intense training. The fat that piles up between the skin and the abdominal muscles prevents you from estimating the relief of your abdominals, even though the muscles are worked.

As you will know, we cannot remove this subcutaneous fat in a focused way, with specific exercises for that area. What is effective is a complete program that combines diet, exercise and lifestyle to reduce your percentage of fat and thus make your abs stand out in a lasting way.

  1. Your diet is not the right one

Having good eating habits and being incessant with your diet is a definite factor in achieving good abs. These 4 tips can help you:

  • Avoid excess sugar. This is one of the great opponents of a healthy diet and can cause fat to build up in your abdomen. Avoid juices and other sugary drinks in particular. Eating fruit gives you just the right amount of sugar and all the fiber that juices don't give you.
  • Perseverance is essential. You don't need to follow a radical or super-restrictive diet, but you do need to have some healthy habits in your daily nutrition and not leave them aside every so often. Prodigious regimes don't usually march, but patience does.
  • Quantity and variety. You should consume as many calories as you need according to your metabolism and your level of physical activity. In addition to this, remember to design a varied diet, with all kinds of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Don't forget to include whole grains, nuts and a good portion of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Five meals a day. Spreading the number of calories over 5 or 6 meals will make you feel less hungry and less anxious. In addition to this, it will help you sustain your blood sugar levels and help you concentrate better.
  1. Your training is not varied.

The abdominal musculature is a group formed by different types of muscles (rectum, oblique, transverse) that we must work with different exercises. It is not enough to make the usual crunches, no matter how many repetitions we make. Design a varied routine and you'll soon begin to appreciate the results. In this way you will be able to activate the different muscles and achieve better toning and definition.

Also, keep in mind that you should not focus only on the abdomen area. It is essential that you strengthen your lower back, especially to avoid back problems. And, of course, include other cardio and strength exercises to help you reduce your anatomical fat percentage and progress your overall fitness level. You'll feel better and your body will thank you.

  1. You don't get enough rest

Rest is essential for restoring muscles and encouraging their growth. Overtraining doesn't do you any favours when it comes to delimiting your abs. Remember to get enough sleep (about 7 or 8 hours is usually advisable) and with good quality sleep. It is essential that you avoid thundering environments or temperature changes at bedtime. In addition to this, try to have a fixed schedule for going to bed and getting up; a good sleep routine can do wonders for your fitness.

  1. Don't forget the hydration

Your body needs to be well hydrated in order to perform in training. Both muscle development and fat loss require that your body has sufficient water intake. Stay hydrated throughout the day, uniquely before, during and after each training session. The most essential thing is that you listen to your body, providing it with the water it needs at all times, and that you do not fall into the trap of over-hydration either.

Of course, water is the best choice for hydration, in front of juices or other drinks that provide an excess of sugars.

  1. Forget about tricks and shortcuts

Getting in good physical shape and getting fit with your abs is a task that requires perseverance and care. It's not complicated, but it's more like patience. It is best not to try to copy prodigious diets or programs that make impossible promises to keep. Most likely, they will end up disappointing you and taking away your appetite for training.

Focus on intense and varied training, take care of your diet, sleep well and be consistent. The results are going to come sooner than you think and, finally, you will be able to see how those abs you've been trying so hard to achieve are beginning to be marked.

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