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Why is it important to lose weight for running?

Why is it important to lose weight for running?
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Why is it important to lose weight for running?

In the last decade running has become the most popular sport in every corner of the planet. Besides being a very affordable training, it is also a very motivating sport for those who practice them. But there are also many people who start exactly on the planet of running because they try to lose weight through this sport and, indeed, when they begin to practice it and accompany it, in addition to this, a low-calorie diet, they lose weight in a short period of time.

However, if you have certain kilograms more and want to start running as part of your training, you should know that to practice running it is preferable that you lose those kilograms before you surplus in a gradual and healthy way. Now discover why losing weight is essential for running. Once you’re at your ideal weight, and if you want to start feeling fit, it’s time to start running.

Reasons why you should lose weight before running

There are essential reasons why overweight people shouldn’t start running until they get rid of those extra pounds.

Running is a sport in which the body is exposed to a high level of care and performance, as well as a specific diet. And it is that, when we run the impact that takes place when we put the feet in the ground, causes that the body must support between the double and the triple of our anatomical weight due, among many other factors to the speed that is reached running.

Why is it important to lose weight for running?

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1. You will be able to run more and you will gain strength and endurance.

In order to withstand these impacts, the muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons of overweight runners must apply extra care to each and every stride. For this reason, overweight runners tend to estimate running as a considerably more strenuous activity than overweight runners.

2. Reduce the risk of injury

Another reason given for losing weight before starting running is to reduce the chances of injury when we practice this sport. Indeed, it has been proven that overweight runners are at greater risk for stress fractures.

These stress fractures are due to the fact that the moment an overweight person subjects his or her bones to a number of impacts greater than they can withstand, he or she is in danger of suffering a fracture.

Why is it important to lose weight for running?

Other frequent running injuries in people who run with excess weight are each and every one of those that directly affect the feet such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinopathy (in the Achilles ligament). Also common are bone edemas or patellar syndrome (which directly affects the knee).

3. You will improve your body balance

In addition to this, runners who are overweight are also more likely to lose their balance while running. And it is that when we run, in each and every stride that we take, our body must tear out all the musculature to sustain the balance.

4. You’re gonna feel better exercising.

Finally, another reason why an overweight person should not run is because of the danger of dizziness, excessive fatigue, or fainting. And it is that, it is necessary to consider that the people with excess of weight break to sweat before and in a greater quantity than the people who are in their ideal weight. For this reason, running overweight is also exposing yourself to an increased risk of fatigue, dizziness, or an unexpected drop in blood pressure.

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